Forumosa's server move - at last!

ORIGINAL TITLE: Closing Forumosa in May so we can move it to a new server

This week, we plan to move the forums off the Discourse server and over to our own server - a move which I hope will drop my hosting costs by as much as -80% or, even, -90%. On our own server, we will also have more ways to customize the forums.

One of the things I also want to do as part of the move is to change the URL from http://tw. to http://www. - a process which may require up to 72 hours for the new address to propagate (i.e., make the forums accessible again to some people).

I plan to “close” the forums for 7 days starting Thursday, 18 April, Taiwan time. During this time, the forums will be in read-only mode. Hopefully, the actual transition is uneventful and we can re-open access to the forums in a few days. If we screw things up or are not happy with some important part of the move, we will restore to backup and try again another time.

TL;DR - we plan to “freeze” the forums starting tomorrow Thursday for a week. If all goes well, the next time you visit, you will find us at


Force the DNS changes with whoever you host with, can be up in 10 minutes, or so.

Please, if you get an AI thingy to help you talk to the server, PLEASE name her Hillary. :runaway:

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: My reply is no

Sorry, JD. :idunno:

Let’s just hope we don’t lose some of the active users as it happened during the last transition…

Can we get Anthony to open up the other site just in case?

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I can take a year off …again :grin:

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Thank you for hosting the site and making it available to so many people. Good luck with the switch!

You mean Moronosa?

Prepare for all the posters who don’t click this thread to think they’re banned.

No you moron, the other other site.

Actually, is there anyway we could set up a single chat thread somewhere to tide us over? We’d need to preserve anonymity…

There should be some announcement in a banner in the top of the page.


I was just about to say that…
Paging @tempogain

Someone already did it. Thanks @mad_masala, we appreciate your insights and your inestimable sense of humour.

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Someone should try to document the mental breakdown most of you will go through. :joy:


can’t go cold :turkey: for 1 week?

jesus, no, you’re all I’ve got.