Foxconn Foxtron Electric Cars

The brand name Foxtron is a fail. Foxconn is an OEM and not a well known brand and nothing to base a brand name on for consumers.

A car, SUV, and bus.


I also doubt theyd be able to grab 5% global market share but what they could do is partner (collude) with the Taiwan government to get some sort of subsidiary program in for electric cars, securing themselves a good foothold in the taiwan market atleast.

Quality wise I am not impressed, if I was able to choose I’d still go for Tesla. Good to see electric cars being pushed though.

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Looks like they dodged a media bullet and didn’t design them with suicide doors…

What do we know about the quality of these things? And quality wise, you’d go with a Tesla? Teslas are cool, but quality wise… not exactly known for it. ;D

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Apparently, a common complaint is the car and leak in water.

IMO, they’re ugly. I also find Tesla ugly. I have been debating getting a model 3 as a company car for the tax benefits of having an EV along with no road tax. I just can’t get over how ugly the model 3 is. It looks like a granny car to me.

Model S is much nicer.

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Fit and finish is still subpar. Get an electric from a traditional car company.

It is possible to avoid quality issues with Tesla. Don’t buy from the first batches that come out of a new factory. They keep improving/tuning the factory processes. And don’t buy when they do end of quarter rush.
I will consider buying new Tesla in a few years when their factories mature to put out quality cars at all times.

Those made in China are better quality wise than made in US (newer factory with lessons learnt). The cars from German factory next year will be excellent.

The range and efficiency are terrible compared to Teslas. But the biggest issue is charging. Supercharger network is excellent and just works. Where other cars will often run into issues charging at an acceptable speed at 3rd party charging stations, if those work at all at times.

Model T e-bus and Model C

Source and more pictures:

They have one of the worst brand reputations out there. Everyone and their mother hates them. They have an uphill battle convincing people to buy their cars.

Their best chance is probably their buses, less competition and governments don’t care about which brands their buying from as much. Maybe they can slowly rebuild their reputation from there.

not calling it “foxtrot”


Price? I think these are gonna cost only about half as much as a Tesla.

Eh. Most people probably don’t know who they are, even now. Tell them ‘the people who build the iPhone,’ oooh, shiny quality!

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True we don’t know anything about the specific technicalities or real world testing but the visual build doesnt look nearly as good as tesla

Energy consumption: 13.4kWh per hundred kilometers
Range: 700 km
Battery pack: 58 kWh


They’re not pretty, but I wouldn’t make any comments on quality based on that.


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I think it’s all very cool. They saw the writing on the wall (electric cars are our future) and they went for it.

But why not a couple of marketing people to help them with the names.

And Model T? Doesn’t make me anyone think “modern” when hearing that.


Think its a cool move from Foxconn and good for Taiwan.

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