Fred Frontier

Anyone else see the missing teacher announcement in today’s China Post posted by Hess? Seems Fred Frontier (who has posted here) left all his stuff with Hess and disappeared. I’m surprised Aristotle hasn’t started posting about murdering gangsters, alien abductions or something yet.

That announcement has been in the paper since last week. Apparently they are still looking for the guy. If you remember, Aristotle, was banned from the forums.

:blush: Shows how often I look at the local papers! :blush:

That’s okay, can’t blame you, there isn’t much to look at anyway…

he has got to have run off with a load of Hess’ loot or something… else why would tehy be looking for him?

I clicked on his website. Says his mother was coming over to live with him. Maybe the thought of that was more than he could bear.

Actually, I figger he went swimming somewhere around Yilan, underestimated the strength of the riptide, and got carried away/pulled under by the current. Just a possibility.

Oooh! Here’s another website of his! And it has close-up pictures of his nipple ring/tattoo! :shock: Call Hess if you see that nipple ring! :?

"Fred usually works in offices because of his customer service, management, linguistic and computer skills."

He’s in an office somewhere. Anyone find an extra guy in your office?

The first website seems to have mysteriously gone offline. Looks like Mr. “Fun Facillitator” doesn’t want to be found!

What happened to that guy? Did they find him dead or alive? Foul play? Was he The Last Frontier?

That’s one school I will never work for . Don’t show up for work and they take out an add in the papers. What is the motivation behind this, has this guy run into trouble or is it just vengence.

donno about fred…but i had a friend once who disappeard from one day to the other without a trace…the rumor was, that his hiv test was positiv and they sent him home immediately…

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I apologize for my previous comment. In view of developments it was inappropriate.

AIT has issued a missing person report. It’s no longer a joke. … 2003059143

Why has this taken such a long time to get serious? Very strange.

I talked to Fred by e-mail a few times before he came. He was thinking about getting a job with us, but decided to go with Hess in Luodong. After that first ‘missing teacher announcement’ I sent him an e-mail saying I didn’t care what went down betwen him and Hess, I just wanted to check that he was OK. No reply. Now it looks like it wasn’t a gripe with the school or anything. He was maybe going hiking or something. Anyone hear anything?


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Oh No, Aristotle is going to be all over this one. :unamused:

This was in my inbox:
A 50,000 Nt. conditional reward is being offered for
information leading to the current location of
Fryderyk (Fred) Frontier.

Fred (Fryderyk) Mieszko Frontier was last reported to
have purchased a train ticket to Pingtung on May 23.
He is said to have planned a three day excursion into
the national park.
The American institute in Taiwan issued a missing
person report on Saturday, June 12. … 2003059143

Name: Fryderyk Frontier
Age: 28
Occupation: freelance teacher through
Last Known Employer, Hess Language Schools- Taiwan

Why is it always teachers that “go missing”? Ok, ok, we had an ahem, “professor,” disappear a little while ago … Why is it that editors and engineers never seem to disappear and have rewards offered in the newspapers for finding them?

Why are there so few reports in the papers of Filippinos going “missing”?
When they are “missing” is it assumed that they are safe?
Could it be that Fred just ran off?

Not much of a reward is it?

Maybe because there are so many more teachers than editors and engineers?