Free speech prevailed on that island! (Piano)

Free speech has prevailed in the UK.

Now, they want to take it down.


Trolling Chinese. Eye for an eye. Fum stuff, good piano skills. Just note most people need clips, they aren’t going to spend 40 minutes watching people talking.

Fuck, podcasts, reality shows, reaction videos lol. Nevermind.

So this obviously went all viral. The Chinese should have just kept their mouth shut.
A few thousand views and nothing else.
Now they are going to end up with millions of views looking really bad.
Many news outlets are on to it as well.


Love how this immediately went viral.

That shouting Chinese guy was completely mental. What an embarrassment. Respect to the piano bloke for standing up for himself.


Seems those involved have been identified.


The main one at fault was the police officer. You’re allowed to film in public. The officer should of established the full facts.


This showed up on my phone as well. I have watched this guy’s videos before.



Now it’s going o be on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show this evening.
To get the facts straight.
1: Brendan playing the piano and live streaming.
2: The Chinese girl later claiming to be British and a friend of hers wearing a red scarf approaching him and the guy with the red scarf is showing off his piano skills. The girl touching Brendan’s arm by the way.
3: The other 3 from the Chinese group come back and then they come and claim their rights on their own image.

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This whole thing has got a bit pathetic. But I’ll probably still watch Piers Morgan , he’s quite an effective troll.

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So, the Chinese are demanding that Communist Chinese laws be abided by in free countries. Unbelievable that the police originally tried to tell him to stop filming LEGALLY in a public place.

Someone needs to dox and call out the guy who wrongfully screams, “STOP TOUCHING HER!”, when all he was doing was indicating the communist flag in her hand.



This is the third time this story has been posted :joy:



I looked, but didn’t see where it had been posted originally. I thought for certain one of my Brit pals had seen it and posted it. I was a bit shocked when I didn’t find it anywhere near the top of the list.

Oh, and tell me where the discussion is.

Oh…the “Free Speech” titled thread? I didn’t look at that. Wasn’t specific enough for any interest. Bad title.


Honestly, I agree with them though. Everybody should have a right to their own portrait and nobody should be allowed to film me or anybody in public without getting their express permission in advance. Of course, this is not the reality right now.

Yeah. But…

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Yes yes…

All that was on the guys full live stream apparently. It was when the Chinese needed to start filming their government mandated video that they started dictating, as it was top secret apparently…

The mental guy knew he was playing our own woke game against us, going immediately for racism and sexual harassment accusations. DONT TACH HARR.


The guy playing in E minor and Karen chimes in as a Major C.


He said “She is too young for you.” However , she looks over 21.

That would be insane. How would the news even work in that case? You wouldn’t even be able to have home security cameras if this were true