Fubon costco credit card

Did anyone have any luck with getting the new Fubon Costco credit card?

I went in and they said that they don’t have any paper applications for the card… and apparently never will… as they are moving to digital only! and oh no… the number doesn’t work for ARC cards on the online application (despite the fancy new format the gracious Taiwan government gave us).

But they can only accept ‘online applications’

How convenient :roll_eyes:

I guess come August we will all have to pay cash at Costco. I will be canceling my membership if this is the case.


Try calling Costco US?



Not call. Formal complaint letter


PO Box 34331
Seattle, WA 98124

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Just went to the bank. After 10 minutes of yelling… and making a scene… as they couldn’t help and had no paper applications for the Costco card… (They also suggested getting a Taiwan ID card which made me more infuriated -as an APRC holder.)

The manager said a solution is giving me the application for a DIFFERENT credit card. Then once approved she can switch it to the Costco one in the background.

She also said they are all going to be online soon and there will be no paper applications in future… and there will likely be no paper application for this card.

So if you don’t have a card with Fubon… get in quick! It seems the new way for discrimination against foreigners in Taiwan is online applications…

So let’s see how this application goes…


I inquired about the card through Fubon’s website and a guy called me the next day, saying that he’ll send me the application letter along with the list of required documents by post. You can also find the application form posted on the “Costco credit card” thread yesterday by @justintaiwan.

This article said we can apply the card in Costco starting from March 1st.


This is the problem with communication. If they had’ve just told me that from the start I would’ve had this sorted…

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I found the application form online, it is available to donwload in the documents section of the website.

Here the link


Yeh they said there was no application. Clearly this was never communicated with the people at Costco and the people at the bank. It sure as hell infuriated me. If they had’ve even just said “we have one on our website.” I would have looked. But even the bank itself was calling around and was told there was none…


I started filling the application…gave up halfway through. Sigh. I had forgotten it was complicated.


Always the same things tbh. Some ticks and chinese name signatures. 20 mins tops, hope u r faster than me at writing in Chinese haha

I type the application on my computer then just sign the bits that need signing :wink:

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Address, Ok.

Employer’s address

Choose form of payment

Choose 0% interest rate on several payments

Upload picture of your mug (face)


Either my Chinese writing is too slow but half the application took an hour. Not looking forward to the rest.

Not smug face?

FUBON guys have been in Costco from this week, can just apply in-store.


I’ll try that instead.

The new card is a Mastercard, right? Does anyone know if this switch means Costco will stop accepting the Costco Visa cards from other countries (e.g. the US one)?

tbh here in TW I always knew they only accepted cards (debit and the cobranded credit card) of the banking partner only.

They also accept Costco credit cards from other countries, both in-store and online.

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well, that I didn’t know, thanks.

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