Fun things to do when bored in Taiwan

I thought this was pretty cute. A girl from SF spent 9 months in Taiwan on a Fulbright ride, and put together some thoughts and ruminations about life as a 20 something in Taipei. Here’s some of her things to do…

  1. Go through your food and play

That’s freakin’ hilarious…I really like the idea of spitting pearls at passerbys…maybe we can have the next Forumosa social at a Quickly…Shr Ling would be a nice crowded place to play… :smiling_imp:

Meanwhile, I’ll be on the roof…see you on the news…

This one really cracked me up:

[quote]Make up new shit every time you are asked,

Go into a DVD shop and rearrange the DVD’s into alphabetical order. Or any order.

Go to an MRT stop you’ve never been to before and walk around that area. You can often find some cool shops, temples, etc.

(Wait, is this post okay, or we only supposed to make fun of locals?)

[quote=“HakkaSonic”]Go to an MRT stop you’ve never been to before and walk around that area. You can often find some cool shops, temples, etc.[/quote]You rebel ! We can’t take you anywhere without you causing trouble. That’s how wars start you know.

Sorry, my teachers always wrote on my report cards that I don’t play well with the other children. Okay, let me try to fit in. What I do when I’m bored is go to 7-ELEVEN and sneeze on the hot dogs (you should hear it sizzle on thr hot plate) and then stand over the tea egg pot until the steam loosens up the snot in my nose so that it drips all over them eggs.

Go to the fungshui museum and move stuff around… :laughing:

That is the best one here! :smiley:

Start a troll at about how Canadians are just like Americans…

Geez, man, you sure hold on to a grudge, dontcha? :unamused:

when you get a mug of coffee at Starbucks, ask for a left handed mug…


The thread is “Fun things to do”…

Walk down the street clapping your hands together at a brisk stroll beside your Taiwanese girlfriend.

I glue all of my neighbors’ slippers to the floor. (Hey, they left them outside!)

i collect free membership cards…wherever and watch xiaojie’s battle with the application form…and me.

Tell fortunes by reading patterns in betel nut spit stains.

I’d eat my neighbor’s chicken

Go to the sleeziest bar in town and pretend to be off-duty missionaries. Light up a smoke, order a double Jack Daniels, and start to complain about having to “…ride that f@@king bicycle around and spewing a bunch of horseshit to the locals. How come I can’t ride a %^^&^#@!@ scooter like everyone else, %#@ I have been waiting for this drink all *&^% day…blah, blah, blah…”

Great Fun…so I have heard…

Block people who try to get on the MRT before anyone else gets off.

Draw interesting patterns in the dust on the sides of cars that whiz by you on pedestrian crossings.

Laugh at the accents of ABC girls from SF.