Funny signs

If you know of any funny signs like the one below, please share it with us:

While not exactly a sign this bottled water below is a classic.

I never got round to photographing the sign on a European sports car dealership in Taichung that read:
“Maintained by Louts”.

Amazing what a letter out of place can do.


Amazing what a letter out of place can do.[/quote] Pertect.

I need to go visit the Doo Doo Dry Cleaners shop near Gung Guan. I tried taking a picture, but it was too dark.

I have a picture in the UK, which unfortunately I can’t show here. However, it reads…
‘No parking. Not for 5 minutes. Not for 1 minute. Not even for 20 seconds. NO BLOODY PARKING!’

Someone should also post a picture of “SPUNK DRINK.”

There’s a shop nearby named “Falin Hair”. :laughing:

My personal favorite, but no picture:
On the beach on one of the Hong Kong outer islands:

Notice: The shark barrier has been dismantled for yearly maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sometimes it’s all in the setting. Was standing there taking a leak in a rest stop near Chiayi and saw this sign posted over my urinal.

So I looked down.

In concert with my sign, the sign over the next urinal read, “Seeing is Believing.”

On the number 3 highway, rest stop men’s rooms

uhhm, errr…


I went to Taipei today after being indoors for almost 2 weeks … anyways, on my over I saw some pretty funny names and signs on stores …

Delictous buffet …
Leather Spa …
Knigh hair make …

… Oh and a guy’s rain jacket labeled … BUM Equipment …

BUM equipment is an American brand. BUM stands for something. I forgot what.

My personal favorite:

“The Private Tsyr-An Nursing Home for Old Folks”

That’s what we want in cafes!

I saw a poster with pictures of “lost” elderly people. The website read, “”

Theres a shop called Turd baby in Danshui

Also Wanko makes me smile every time i see it. :slight_smile:

There’s a food stand with a Christian fish symbol on the sign, with ICHTUS written on it in Greek letters. Guess what they sell? You got it–fish!