Gambling laws

Hi Folks,
What are the general laws regarding gambling business in Taiwan?
What is the definition of gambling by law here?

any link or info would be highly appreciated.

as far as I know it’s pretty much illegal but people gamble with Mahjong all the time, including police officers. In fact in the military they NEVER play the game without gambling.

But they have special casino ships that sail out to the open sea where there’s no law prohibiting gambling…

what i am looking for is for the current written laws about gambling and how the word gambling is defined by law.
If you have a link please share

A search for “gambling” turns up 22 items in the MOJ’s laws & regulations database. A search for “賭” turns up 70 items.

The most important one is probably the Criminal Code:

ETA: for the jurisprudence on where they draw the line between gambling and just having fun, I would search for Supreme Court cases and CJG (大法官會議) interpretations involving 賭 at

“but your honor, I was going to use all my winnings on coke and hookers, honest”

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thanks a lot.
have some reading to do.

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