Gambling laws

Hi Folks,
What are the general laws regarding gambling business in Taiwan?
What is the definition of gambling by law here?

any link or info would be highly appreciated.

as far as I know it’s pretty much illegal but people gamble with Mahjong all the time, including police officers. In fact in the military they NEVER play the game without gambling.

But they have special casino ships that sail out to the open sea where there’s no law prohibiting gambling…

what i am looking for is for the current written laws about gambling and how the word gambling is defined by law.
If you have a link please share

A search for “gambling” turns up 22 items in the MOJ’s laws & regulations database. A search for “賭” turns up 70 items.

The most important one is probably the Criminal Code:

ETA: for the jurisprudence on where they draw the line between gambling and just having fun, I would search for Supreme Court cases and CJG (大法官會議) interpretations involving 賭 at

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“but your honor, I was going to use all my winnings on coke and hookers, honest”

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thanks a lot.
have some reading to do.

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new laws in the making
Taiwan want to criminalize online gamblers

some quotes from the article:
"Authorities believe that online gambling causes significant family and social problems "

"If this change is approved, it would mean that it would be a criminal offense for any Taiwan citizen to gamble through “telecommunications equipment, electronic communications, internet or other similar means.”

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So, are foreigner residents excluded?

the main thing is that they keep the law as unclear as possible.
So it literally depends on the judge you are facing.

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So the question is, how would they enforce the law?

Do they scan online gambling sites and IP trace everyone?

Taiwan gambling laws are full of loopholes. Technically those claw machine is gambling but what they do is they set a “guaranteed prize” so if you put in x amount of dollars you’re guaranteed to get a prize. So they can’t say it’s “gambling”. Those prize is so cheap that the cost is probably a few NT, and the guaranteed price is something like 1000nt.

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The main issue they encountered is that they have arrested people gambling online and because of lack of clarity in the laws, these dude went free.
So after the judge repeatedly lost face ( many many times) he decided enough is enough and ask legislators to update that article so that he can keep prosecuting people for doing what they LOVE to do… gambling

How do people get arrested gambling online? Did the police just come in with a warrant? Do they browse online gambling sites and IP tag anyone with a Taiwanese IP and then go and serve a warrant?

Or were the people arrested running online gambling sites?

Probably. Just use a VPN anyway.

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I doubt they are excluded, as long as they reside here, short term or long term (ARC or student visa). They wouldn’t bother students though, but ARC holders should be careful.

Other than peeking through people’s windows, they can only catch the idiots who don’t know what they’re doing.

So, we have yet another unenforceable law.

Students also have ARC, you know?

Ok didn’t know that, anyway for short term stays I doubt you’ll be in trouble.

The next step they can do is to force websites to refuse registrations from Taiwan, many big betting companies now refuse residents of USA, Canada, France, Germany etc. but these processes are usually slow, so we are good for a while.

What about sports betting at that yellow Taiwan Lottery places?

That is also gambling right?

lottery is different… it’s government sponsored gambling.