Game of Thrones Discussion (may contain spoilers)


Nooo. But it is from today’s episode, some people might not have seen it.

After Jamie leaves, he makes a chilling discovery…


Oh, that spring is just around the corner? :wink:


But then they shouldn’t be in this thread, nu?


I haven’t seen shit so stop talking about it.

This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen anywhere in the internet. It can contain spoilers but things are blanked out so you can’t really see something that could be a spoiler and then people say don’t talk about it and other people want to talk about it it’s just too kind of bizarre.

Get it straight. The thread either contains spoilers and we can see them or it doesn’t contain spoilers and they’re blurred out. Pick one of the another somebody please.

It makes no sense to give a title that says may contain spoilers and then it’s blurred out when you try to read the thread. The thread title says contain spoilers so quit blurring out the shit please.


Yep. There are not so bad spoilers, liek talking about the plot leaks that have been online for months. But this detail was…unexpected. That is refreshing and that is all I have to say about it.

In other news, check out Torromound here:

Winter is coming, guys. Consider facial hair your armor, your dragon glass, your dragon.


Absolutely not. I cannot go anywhere and talk about this except here and if The Hornet only has 2 bar Stews.

Littlefinger is dead. Arya kills him. And Dead dragons blow ice fire.

You were warned.

Sorry for being so confrontational. But this is the only bastion in Toesteros for free folk to share.


What? I thought the Bastion of Formosa was the holder of all things sacred. Me thinks someone shall rain down fire upon the two not as an example but because of their inability to rightly manage the truth that has been set forth.

Give me a freaking break. Forumosa is a chat group it’s not the holder of anything sacred duh.


“After Jaime leaves, he makes a chilling discovery”: um, is this talking about the snow that’s falling all over King’s Landing? Or is there something else I’m missing?

One element that I didn’t catch was Tyrion’s apparent reaction to Jon & Dany getting together. Apparently this may have been showing jealousy on Tyrion’s part, and a possible rift within Dany’s camp? That wasn’t how I read it at all - I thought it was just thinking Tyrion’s thinking face - but then again, the scene was very dark.

Loved the season finale, and was very relieved by it. The writing in the two previous episodes had me nervous, but the dumb “find a wight” plot was salvaged into some great scenes, and I’m so, so relieved that Sansa & Arya were indeed running a con on Littlefinger. I kept hoping “Oh god, they’re not making Sansa dumb AGAIN, are they?!”, but they weren’t. Whew.

My guess on the writing process: George RR Martin gave them all he has for the remaining books, which are bullet points, and for most of this season he had, sum total, “Euron becomes a factor / Dany and Jon face adversity and get together / The Others acquire zombie dragon to take down the wall.” But Martin had (has?) no idea how on earth he was going to join those bullet points up, and D&D did at least manage to do it, in an at times incoherent way. And in fifteen years or so, if we’re very lucky, we may see what Martin eventually comes up with in his efforts to connect those points.


Jon being named as the “rightful heir” + him getting laid with Dany and possibly having a kid = Jon will die in season 8. 100%, there’s no way that Martin will let the guy (nearly) everyone likes rule.
It will be some bollocks like: he gets killed during the fight with the undead, Cersei gets murdered, Dany becomes the queen and raises hers and Jon’s kid to become the next rightful heir.

Considering how heavily GoT is centered around women, letting a woman rule will make Martin sleep well at night feeling like a moral lighthouse, while having Jon’s kid strolling around will make the fans of the series have some sort of “happy ending”.


It was interesting to see how the popular “fan theory” about Jon Snow (that was basically already taken as gospel by readers) was confirmed. Bran may be creepy as all get-out now but at least he’s served his purpose. Maybe they’ll finally kill him off.

It’s nice to see House Stark get back to being less dysfunctional, even if it isn’t just a week or so until they’re swamped with the army of the dead. That should be fun.

But the next season may as well be 20 years away at this point. It feels like it’s going to be forever.


My problem with that is that every woman that gives birth to a Targaryan dies, or at least has died so far. It was one of the arguments they were using to su[ppotrt Tyrion as a secret Targeryan theory.

So I am more in the Dani would die/both die at the end camp.

And Cercei rules forever as a zombie.


Well, anyone who does (or doesn’t do) anything eventually dies…


…dies at birth man.


When they carried in the wight in the box, it was heavy. When he put it down, it was heavy. Then he was able to kick it over fairly easily. The wight charged Cersie but was restrained by chains. My question is, what were those chains attached to? Wouldn’t the wight have just easily pulled the box with it?

Minor annoyance,but still…what do you think?


Ya, thot the same thing.

And just how long was Jaime under water a few episodes back? By the time they surfaced, the battle was done and gone? They must have drifted a long way. But then, he did seem to be going straight down.


The idea of sailing to an island and waiting things out is off the table now for everyone. The white walkers have a dragon. He can fly to any island, kill a few hundred people, reanimate them as wights and grow an army of undead anywhere he wants.

The best thing they should be doing is mining that dragon glass and equip every arrow, sword, spear, even shield with it. Everyone fight with it. Send wave after wave of dragon glass tipped arrowsinto the undead army and white walkers. Problem solved. Also, wouldn’t one dragon glass arrow take down the white walker’s dragon? Seems logical and easy.


So how come my original comments on episode 6 to start this thread are still blurred by admin but everyone is opening taking about the latest episode that I have not seen?! And it’s not blurred?! How come admin is not blurring these comments or something jeesh.




People are free to blur something that they want to blur. The blurring from my announcement onwards was on their own volition. Having said that, hope the fix helped. Please feel free to contact me directly in the future if you have any questions.


Thank you. I apologize for my overreaction.