Game- Post a baseless lie about the previous poster

Easy as it sounds. Just post a totally baseless lie about the previous poster. As long as we don’t act too jerkish this could be funny.

For example, the next poster could write: He has a key to j-lo’s underwear drawer, but he claims he has lost it.

Or something funnier…

TomHill is a serious poster.

Big Fluffy Matthew was a Vivid employee… “knew” Jenna J too.

Yellow Cartman survived through the invasion of Kuwait by eating nothing but lentils. He was living in Berkshire at that time.

Big Fluffy Matthew is a staunch member of the West Wittering branch of the Mother’s Union and was in fact the runner-up of their 1982 baking competition.

Big Fluffy Matthew once offered to take a photo of Okami’s naked buttocks in the toilets of the Brass Monkey.

joesax was previously know as Megaman.

Tom Hill is an honorary member of “The Over The Hill Gang”, and was given the name Tom by the Gang.

Yellow Cartman works as a tealady in the rather nice teashop on the 4th floor of the National Palace Museum.

[quote=“joesax”]Yellow Cartman works as a tealady in the rather nice teashop on the 4th floor of the National Palace Museum.[/quote]Forgot to add, she will give you an extra green bean cookie if you smile sweetly at her.

Joe Sax’s banana paradise is a man called Tom.

Limey invented the bourbon biscuit.

Limey was the product of Absolute and Lime, he exclaimed “Limey! That’s good!” after drinking a few…

Tom Hill’s porn star name is Hot Mill :stuck_out_tongue:

Joesax is a world-class flutist… owns a silver Bundy.

Yellow Cartman is actually a residual effect caused by staring at an episode of South Park without blinking for 30 seconds and then quickly looking at a white surface.


Actually, after looking at Yellow Cartman’s avatar and then the piece of white paper sitting in the printer next to my monitor, I might have to take back my post as it seems to be, in fact, true. :astonished:

Yellow Cartman once “cried” real milk on “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!”. To this day, he feels a prickling in the eyeballs whenever he sees a cow.

Yellow Cartman is married to Purple Kenny.

TomHill is found near the gentle slopes of the Appalachian mountains’ border in West Virginia and was named for Thomas “Tom” Jefferson McKinzey (b. 1821, d. 1908), a farmer who helped supply Union troops with provisions from his land during the Civil War.

Imaniou was the one who put that scar on Harry Potters head.