Gangsters making big money from prostitution

That’s weird. I’d say that would mean loneliness, not self-loathing.

I’m trying to find a clip from Blackadder 2, with a sailor asking for a good hard shag. Sadly it appears to be unavailable.

Why is it weird? I feel you need to provide a reason why someone’s post is weird. I could easily have made a similar criticism about many of your posts, but I chose not to.

You’ve cut my quote in isolation. So. minus what followed after the comma, why do you think what I posted is weird?

Well, I thought it was self explanatory, but I will explain myself. Maybe I sounded different from what I meant.

If someone wants to cuddle, hugs, human warmth, company… all those things talk to you about him or her being lonely. You say that a guy going to whores just for cuddling is linked to self hatred, but I fail to see the logic. Maybe I miss something, but self hatred would be expressed through things like injuring oneself, talking bad about oneself, being an alcoholic, listening to Taiwanese whining songs… eating Taiwanese pizza… but… cuddling? that’s just need for love, need for human contact, isn’t it?

Agreed. I could say the same about my posts haha.

Hope I clarified it. Sorry if I sounded rude or something.

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That’s just weird.

Anyway, here’s some Blackadder:

Still curious about why you see self-loathing in a guy hugging a prostitute.

It could do. It’s not a 100% one way or the other argument. As I posted - although you took off the after the comma bit.

But… why?

Even worse is when they buy a woman they can’t communicate with to have sex every night, bear their children and take care of their elderly parents. Two complete strangers in an uneven non enforceable contract.

Why not? People have mental health issues. Sometimes these issues are sadly unaddressed.

They have cuddle only no sex services in Japan. I think that is the saddest thing.

At risk of being on-topic, am I the only one thinking that NT$9M over “a few years”, split at least seven ways (I expect it’s more complicated than that), for work that’s probably pretty difficult and dangerous, isn’t actually all that much money?

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Ok. But to me that’s like saying that to ride horses is linked to self hatred. I really fail to see the logic. The rider could hate himself, but that doesn’t made him ride horses…

Nope. It is peanuts.

I mean, people get lonely. I sometimes feel like women underestimate how lonely it can be for men who are on the bottom of the sexual market place. Especially since men on the top enjoy almost all of the sex being had.

Yeah, poor fuckers… not only they can’t get laid but also are envious bastards :smiley:

Again, you only quoted a clause not the whole sentence.

However, there is a chance that riding horses could be linked to self-hatred. Somebody might have a pathological mental health issue involving the riding of horses. Therefore, the clause that you initially took issue with is potentially correct. That’s logic, no?

Some countries, I think maybe one of the nordic ones have insurance that covers for disable people to have prostitutes.

Oh no it is understandable, but still sad.

A pretty random one :smiley: