Gay-friendly youth literature, Spanish or English, for age 10-13ish?

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Busco un libro o dos para jóvenes de entre 10 y 12 años en cuales un protagonista (el principal o entre varios) es gay, pero que no contiene nada de muy romántico o besos aún, sin hablar de relaciones sexuales, claro. Preferiblemente en español, pero si no hay, entonces en inglés. ¿Conocen algún libro cómo esto?

I am looking for a gay-friendly novel, preferably in Spanish, but if not, in English, for my kids to read around age 10-13, without any overly romantic content or kissing, needless to say no sex. Any leads? Something where the or one of several protagonists is coming to terms with or admits to liking the same sex or doesn’t think they will ever want a hetero partner suffices if there is nothing a bit more thorough and deeper on its treatment of the theme. Of course, the more interesting the novel is, with adventure and so on, the better. Something engaging is always best for my boys, not just something about relationships (they may just yawn). Many thanks in advance!


When Katie Met Cassidy

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Thanks all so far and to others in advance!

I’ve ordered Crooked Kingdom, many thanks! Looks like age 14+ due to violence but my 10-y.o. just devoured Hunger Games so I think he’ll be fine, LOL. (Edit: oops, just checked reviews and parent guides more carefully – OTT violence, F bombs, nope. Age 16. Still looking for something for age 10-14. )

Not excluding the ones suggested above with female relationships, as it’s good to have responses here be broad (my broader goal is just open-mindedness in my children; my more specific goal is just part of letting our kids know that we’re happy with them without preference on orientation), but hopefully we can find something that will keep the interest of boys at age 10-12. It may be a big ask, given the children’s literature market, the age range here, and all the homophobia out there…


For others who might search here, I’ve been directed to this website for some good age-appropriate stuff; just posting it as a reference here for others: