Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Taiwan resources

This sticky is intended to be a directory to gay resources in Taiwan.

I will heavily edit and maintain this (if needed) to keep it short and sweet.

All updated info, feedback, and reviews are welcome and wanted, irrelevant banter will be deleted (not moved).

STD Testing

Free and Anonymous ABBOTT HIV rapid test - a special service for gay males: Forumosa Post - March 2012

STD, HIV Clinics - Anonymous: Forumosa Post - November 2011

STD testing and Clinics - Anonymous, PAID: Forumosa Post - May 20121

Gay Taiwan resources:

THE place to go for anything in gay Asia:

Lesbian Taiwan resources::

Popular Lesbian club in Taipei:Taboo

A list of Facebooks links to Taboo ( club), The Love boat (shop), and Lezsmeeting (private group):Forumosa Post - Oct 2010

A 2009 list of Lesbian bars ALL around Taiwan (no idea how many are still open): [url= Post - Nov 2009:[/url]

Another list! This appears to be the same one posted in the Nov 2009 Forumosa post (Again, no idea how up to date this is and how many are still open):
List of Lesbian businesses

On being Lesbian in Taiwan: The Taiwanese Lesbian Scene: Tomboy & Pao

Old newspaper article about Taiwan lesbian scene: For Taiwanese lesbians, out is in - Taipei Times Aug 2007:

I THINK this is Taiwan’s main Lesbian site (Chinese only) 2 Girl

The owners or staff in this shop may be able to help with updated info: The Love boat Shop

Taiwan Transgender resources

List of link to Taiwan resources:
Taiwan Transgender Facebook groups:

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Added Taiwan Transgender resources

Added anonymous, paid, STD testing in Taipei: … 0#p1426686

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