Gender pronouns: What are your pronouns?


As opposed to lengthy diatribes from you about the "oppression from the “Right”…?


Did you even see my previous posts deconstructing the claim? Or did you just ignore them? :yum: :yum:

Fine, an ultra-grumpy rant. :frowning_face:

(We’re talking about JP, right?)

What “police investigation and high court action for misgendering”? That’s not what the article says.

What “legal punishment for misgendering through pronouns”?

That’s not even a punishment.

There’s nothing in there about taking action against someone for improper pronoun use. Of course she would raise the pronoun issue as evidence of malicious intent (and he hasn’t helped himself by admitting he did it because he doesn’t like her), but the pronouns themselves are not what the case is about (based on the information in the article).

The short answer is no, and I stand by my previous analysis.

To be clear though, when you say “preferred pronouns”, do you mean just legally accepted pronouns (i.e. those found in any English dictionary), or do you mean the infinte possibilities from zir to Zir Majesty that started this thread?


The police have not been involved, she’s not taking legal action against Lineham, and this has nothing to do with pronouns.


Of course the police get involved when you report harassment to them. :wall:

Tip to anyone reporting harassment to the police: don’t mention gender issues, or the interwebs will get excited. :zipper_mouth_face:


The society needs to be fundamentally changed if we want to stop stupid fearmongers.


He stalked her on his Twitter account?


This thread is about pronouns and therefore gender (at least in the English language).

Ms Hayden said: “I don’t take kindly to a public figure tweeting about me referring to me as a man and putting my legal name in quotation marks to suggest it’s not valid.”


Blimey, Gain, that’s actually really funny. Nice one!


Did we read the same article?


When I’m interested in a subject I read a lot about it. Obviously, the Guardian has an agenda and presents the facts that support this. It just happens that the Guardian was the first place I read about this issue.

I would consider myself a fool if I took the facts as selected by the Guardian to be the whole truth.


Would you be so kind, o amice imperatoris, to share your other source(s) with us? :slight_smile:

(Instead of just quoting them without identification, I mean…)


I’m on my phone, so it’s not easy. I can assure I’m not making any quotes up, although the media organisation could be I suppose. Give me a couple of minutes.

It was probably here:


Sounds like a flame war to me, not specifically a pronoun war.

I would wait for the details of the case, rather than assuming the sky is falling.


It’s probably just a tempest in a teacup.


What are languages 1-3?


I would have learned mandarin, Korean and Taiwanese hokkien before I was exposed to English. They even made me take Spanish as a “second language” while I’m just learning English. Really stupid.


do not talk about that, but nice job strawmanning


You would be the foremost expert on that after Cathy Newman.


I have decided that my pronoun is “I”.

Try referring to me without sounding like an idiot.

I dare you. :japanese_ogre:


The poster above is an idiot.