German drain pipes converted into hotel rooms!

You have got to see this…i thought it was a joke at first, but its an honest to goodness hotel room! (more like a love tube or glorified transient pit station) Those crazy germans :loco:

I’d have a go if really desperate.

The Japanese do something similar but more refined. You’d think the Dachfenster which must translate as Piss Hole would be lower down to make the job easier for all.

Found some more pictures. There’s no bathroom in the tube, though, you’re supposed to use the showers at a nearby public pool as well as the “excellent public toilets” in the park :laughing:. BTW, Linz is in Austria, not Germany.

This thing is Austrian. The location is a bit up the danube from Linz. Even they call it Hotel it seems more to be a perfect stop if you go the long bike way along the danube. You can bike even from Salzburg always along the river till Vienna, so about 350 km and there are normaly camping places and that stuff. This one seems to be an alternative for that or at least you can lock your stuff away and put the tent in front.
Anyway, sometimes we Austrian are just too innovative. :smiley: