German unemployment and Muslim diversity

Is Germany’s unemployment rate that high because of all the Muslim diversity though?

Germany’s unemployment rate has always been around 10%. They offer way too many incentives not to work. The highest I remember it was 13% in the '90s. Over the last the two big trade unions have refused to negotiate higher wages for the workers in general, so now the average Irish worker earns more than the average German. This has made Germany cheaper to produce in giving it a boom in exports, leading to an unemployment rate of around 5%.

Merkel’s guests aren’t helping though; the men refuse to do anything to do with physical labour or cleaning :frowning: Germans take pride in working with their hands and can’t understand why these people are so afraid of anything to do with manufacturing (which earns you a big salary in Germany).


I’d love to go to Germany and make guitars there though…

Taiwanese is like opposite. They think they are too good to work with their hands and think the best jobs are office jobs. But seriously even here plumber/electricians make more than office workers yet if you talk to anyone working with their hands, their dream is to make a lot of money and open a tea stand…


Interesting. Do you have any statistics on the number/percentage of immigrants unwilling to engage in physical labor?

In parts of the US we rely almost entirely on immigrants for lower pay/dirty/dangerous jobs.


That’s Confucianism.

And physical labor includes being an athlete.

There’ so much more to it than that. For one, Ireland is now the 5th richest country in GDP per capita. Ireland is a small country that can abuse tax credits to basically get rich by stealing money from bigger countries, that’s just not possible in a country of 80 million people.

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US is the same these days; plenty of college grads in offices with tons of student debt who are making way less than plumbers, mechanics, HVAC, etc. They wouldn’t want to be associated with such riff raff either. Those types are probably Trump voters…


Well that’s confusing as hell…

So does that mean Jeremy Lin is actually not considered to be good?

I bet that was due to West German companies unwilling to hire East German workers after reunification (and old obsolete East German companies going out of business).

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US is full of useless degrees. How many gender studies graduates do we need?


Is that where all this “gender fluid” crap came from?

Lots, who else is going to fill all the Gender Pronoun jobs by 2024?
Pronoun Police
Advanced AI Gender Pronoun coding
Pronoun violence recovery hotline agent
Pronoun offender re-education camp counselor
Oh wait those aren’t real jobs that contribute anything to any society.


No, numbers like that wouldn’t be published. German news media is trying to make sure there’s no outrage over anything to do with immigrants, so - for example - the ethnicities of criminals are often unmentioned in news reports.

I only have anecdotal evidence from employers who’ve spoken to newspapers. I also have a friend who works with refugees in East Germany, she’s upset the government isn’t doing anything with the refugees after they let them in.

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People are fascinated by athletic heroes. But they still think athletes are stupid.

In Gao Guo-hui’s biography he mentions athletes not getting treated well in Taiwan. He doesn’t even encourage his son to play baseball.

that is true, it was about 20% in the 'New States"

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Germany’s unemployment rate is more like 3%.


and no wonder everyone’s dream is to get government jobs even if the pay is less than private sector.

In their eyes it’s like the civil service exams given in China for thousands of years, pass that exam and anyone regardless of economic standing or social class is lifted up.

I still can’t get my parents to accept me wanting to with with my hands, because he thinks working at some tech company or the government is the noblest aspirations. I like working with my hands and even if I got paid the same as working at 7-11 for it, I still rather do that.


somehow related?


Is there any English translations of this?

It’s around 3 last time I checked. Where are you getting 10%. 10% is really high, Italy is around 10% although it’s suspected real unemployment is much higher since most people gave up and youth unemployment is around 40%.

Germany has boasted low unemployment and low national debt for a while. Even with the recent economic downturn from the car industry burying from the trade war, Germany is in a ok position to weather it.