German unemployment and Muslim diversity

That’s actually very low.

In Ireland we also put long term unemployed on ‘activation schemes’ and they don’t count as unemployed. Basically Germany looks like it has full employment .

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Yes, but not 3% low.

That’s probably impossible with their current system.

This low unemployment rate was only achieved by the government pushing the wages way down for a lot of people. Policies that allow hiring people without contracts to be fired at will.
All policies benefiting the companies to make more profit.

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Just saw this… It’s very true. Have you also noticed that they have been even more unsuccessful at kicking the Javanese of their island. 140 million people on one little island. Ever been to Java?

Um, sorry, when did Java become an Irish colony? :thinking:

I think I’m the only one who even gets where he’s going with this…Barely :grin:.

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I know right? The great battle of McDougal Pulukadang when the Javanese held their ground and drove the pesky Irish colonisers away.


There will always be people who are neither employed nor unemployed. Unemployment isn’t calculated this way.

Germany’s unemployment is very low and that means nothing. Taiwan’s unemployment is low too.

Taiwan’s unemployment is low because the government doesn’t give you other people’s tax money when you bellyache about not finding a job. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. Basta.

Taiwan has unemployment benefits. 60% of your average monthly salary for 6 months.

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This is news to me. For foreigners too?

No idea whether it’s gone through or not. I would doubt it.

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It’s basically employment insurance, and only if you have been paying laobao the whole time. Problem is a lot of people don’t pay laobao because it’s an extra 1000nt off your paycheck a month.

Imo it’s that being unemployed and taking gov money is shameful to people. There’s no concept of wellfare queens here.

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Of course, if you pay laobao you get laobao.

Isnt it illegal not to pay laobao for full time workers. Same as health insurance?

Like many laws they are not enforced

It is employment insurance – jiubao, not laobao. To make it extra confusing, the entity handling both baos is the Bureau of Labor Insurance. :doh:

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