Unemployment benefits for foreigners with APRC?

Looks promising.

Weird. It was my understanding that we already had this.


Probably do already , just some positive PR spin.

I mean if you pay taxes you should be bloody entitled to it.

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Laobao includes this.

That was my understanding too.

Laobao will chip in for no-fault redundancy, this may be general unemployment benefit?

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I made use of unemployment benefits just 2 years ago. I have an ARC based on marriage, but I assume it would be the same for APRC holders.

What kind of benefits are you entitled to and what is the qualifying criteria (aside from being unemployed, obviously)?

How much can unemployed people get here?

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That’s what I think all want to know :slight_smile:

Laobao (“labor insurance”) only includes the following:

Jiubao (“employment insurance”) includes the following:

This is about extending jiubao to foreigners. The only ones who currently have it are the ones who became eligible through marriage.


When I applied, they just asked for my ARC and some documents from my previous work, I don’t remember what exactly. I just took all documents my previous employer had provided me, which were maybe 3 or 4 pieces of paper, and that we it. Nothing complicated, so I guess that’s all you need.
As for the benefits, they offered some classes, help to find a new job (they have a big database, but mostly targeting locals), and unemployment insurance.

The answer would be 60% of your average salary for that last 6 months, for a period of 6 months maximum. There’s also a ceiling of forty thousands and something (I don’t remember how much exactly) for the average salary, so the max one would receive would be 20k+ monthly (60% of 40k+).

Most employers in Taiwan do not want to hire local women because women get pregnant, must take care of kids, etc. Most employers prefer SEA employees, especially illegal, as they pay low wages and can skip nuisances like NHI and laobao.

So a Taiwanese, even if willing to work for minimum, would still be hard pressed. Most employers want contract/subcontract employees, less responsibility, no overtime, etc. So the employer complaining of not enough labor translates as he does not want to pay competitive salary and people won’t come.

The areas where jobs are available for locals, like service industry, will hire young people and not over 40, because they do not want to pay retirement fees.

Foreigners are in a different tier. We may not compete directly for the same position with locals but still have resentment over salaries. Yet, we are just as much or even more disposable.

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There is also +10% if your wife is not working and +10% for child.

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