Germany contemplates sending a warship through the strait

Deutschland uber alles!

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It’s pretty random. Germany is pretty notorious for its weak military capacity nowadays (as ironic as this statement would sound some 80 years ago). It’s got peacekeeping operations and that’s pretty much it.


Wait… We have warships? :astonished:

On the other hand, after paying the Kaiser’s sparking wine tax for over 100 years, I would have expected a bit more than a few lousy frigates :rant:


Team America is also suffering from eight years of systematic neglect and abuse. But they’re starting to repair the damage.

If Germany wants to play at world police they have to earn the right. But if they prove willing to do what it takes to earn that right then more power to them.

How about just recognize taiwan as a country…


Exactly. Forget warships, just recognize Taiwan already.

Send a starship.


Nice of Germany to say hi
But they will be playing with the big boys here in the China sea

No pay wall

Sounds like these ships will be easy sub targets and the first to require rescue

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Germany sailing a ship through Taiwan Strait paid for by wine tax? Please paid for by United States of America.

I don’t know. Some big neighbor is gonna throw a hissyfit or something like that.

Which one?

Am I the only one who thinks this is not a bad time to declare “independence”. Seems like US support is as high as any i can remember since Carter switched recognition.

Not really Bush and Obama agreed to arm sales that are equal to what’s happening now

Not really talking about the arms sale only.

Then what’s changed?

Well for starters far more passages through the straight. Taiwan relations act opened up the relationship between Taipei and DC. For the first time a Taiwanese president made an official visit. A president that shows he’s willing to stick it to China. I think it’s far more likely this president and current congress would actually support Taiwan than during the Obama years. I don’t think Obama would have done anything.

Purely calculated. The US is using Taiwan as a pawn for their trade negotiations. Any speculation or desire for something else is simply premature.


I don’t doubt they understands the pain in the ass Taiwan is to China. Any speculations that suggests it’s not also something else as two of those things are bot mutually exclusive is also simply premature.


Why are you laughing at yourself?