Get paid to live in Italy

Anybody freelancing or remote working in Taiwan may want to consider moving to Italy


You’ll need to run an IRL business.

Would be great, though. If I had a passive income big enough to run a loss making bar…

Will they increase it more?

Some places will pay you to open a shop now in a town under 2000 population. You can do anything and get 700 euros a month just for operating.

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Could a business be a simple food cart? Or does there need to be an actual store location?

It said any business so. But Italy isn’t like Taiwan where you can just start a food cart. There’s a lot more red tape so I assume if you do get approved, it counts.


There no point having a food cart if there’s no customers :grinning:.
But there must be some creative ideas out there.

You can sell ice cream for half a year when it’s warm and still get 700 a month for the half you don’t work. Might be something someone could be interested in doing with very minimal work while getting to live in Italy.

I’m seriously considering this. Italian doesn’t strike me as a difficult language to learn. But what puts me off is … well, Italians, especially in the South. I’ve heard that attempting to operate any sort of business there is a massive pain in the ass - comparable to third-world countries - which is the principal reason Italians just aren’t staying in these places. I can also imagine there’s going to be a lot of resentment towards foreigners coming in taking tax $$ just for being there. Any thoughts on that subject?

like this and get some exercise at the same time

and maybe have a second compartment for food uber eats.

Not sure about Italian mentality though. Do people prefer to cook their own meals or are they ok with delivered meals?

You Are correct. It’s impossible. Taxes are too high, too many regulations and permits, and takes so long for anything to get done. You might wait 6 months for a simple permit just to sell ice cream.

Not to mention paying for protection. Italy is rated the most corrupt country in the EU, especially in the south.

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They prefer to cook, but I think it has to do with eating out is very expensive here. Waiters and kitchen staff have to make a certain amount here with no tips on salary. So they tend to be understaffed as well.

There are all those retired Brits in Spain and SE France. It feels like a no-brainer. If I had a reasonable passive income I’d do it.

A lot of those in Malaysia who retired around 40s.

Southern Italy … Malaysia. Not a tough decision.

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From my understanding and what people have told me, parts of the south are very 3rd world.

They are. Still no contest there really…

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Are there jobs at n Southern Italy? The unemployment rate is like 17% or something. And I thought people in southern Italy don’t move far away from home even if they don’t have jobs.

Kinda tricky to move there. You would spend more than €500/month from october to march to pay the gas and electricity bills.
The best would be to move somewhere elese like Sardinia or sicilian islands like Panarea, Lipari, Favignana Where the weather is a neverending spring.
The Councilor of Molise Region who wants to Give 700/month earns 10.000/month.

Yeah I would choose Malaysia. :grinning:

Europe is full of great places to live, in the end it comes down to what kind of lifestyle and what kind of savings you want to put away. Stating the obvious I guess. As a short term commitment fine, health problems if older, wife and kids,…It gets complicated. Maybe it’s not that complicated just seems complicated. It should easier than moving to Taiwan for many Europeans anyway !

Let’s start another thread about remote working …:grin:.

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