Get Ready For The Flu!

Potentially a flu epidemic on the way this winter season as issues are found with local and foreign manufactured vaccines leading to a temporary halt on vaccinations.

@Icon , you may want to order one of these now before there’s a hysterical run on them


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Uh oh …Icon Panic Factor 9!

I already considered that purchase. At the office we currently have a nasty eye infection bug and a cough bout doing the rounds, and the flu won’t be too far behind.

BTW they now have 2.5pm air particles masks on sale. I still have boxes of N95 from SARS times.

Buy alcohol! Rubbing alcohol I mean

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Pink eye?

I never get flu shots. I always lie and said I got them if someone ask and I needed it. They’re wrong often and it becomes a waste of time.


Under age don’t need flu shots!

More like yellow goob eye.

Alien invaders?

Flu super sucks but it’s really only dangerous for the very young, the very old, and people who have compromised immune systems.

I’ll admit this puts me on high alert, though. One of the main reasons I stopped teaching children is because I got sick so often. Drove me nuts. Thankfully never got itchy goop eye the few times it went around, but they got me with the 腸胃炎 once. Awful.

If I were a high risk group then I’d consider it. I’m not, so I choose to take the minimal risk and build up a natural immunity.

Over my dead body.

Ever since my poor appendix was removed, my defense system has been kaput and I was wondering if getting a flu shot would be act necessary.

I am not a professional but I imagine since it’s technically part of the lymph system it probably did knock you down a peg to have it taken out. Kind of like how getting the tonsils out removes one line of defense. But I don’t know that it would make a significant difference.

Wash your hands often!

First sensible thing you’ve said all day.


based anti-vaxxer!

Yeah, I do the same thing.

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You are just buying your immune system when you take all these flu shots and pills from the doctors.

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I rarely come in contact with young infants/children and very old people. I would bet it if it’s 100% but it’s not, they were wrong last flu season if I remember correctly.

Seems like a no brainer, take 10 mins out of my day to get a shot which could potentially save me a very miserable week with the flu? Sign me up!


" A February 2018 CDC interim report estimated the vaccine effectiveness to be 25% against H3N2, 67% against H1N1, and 42% against influenza B."

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It’s also common the feel fatigue as a reaction from the shot. No you don’t get the flu from it, but it is a foreign substance in you, and naturally your body does react to it.