Getting 2nd hand scooter

Hello guys
I am planning to buy Yamaha S-max 2013 with KM30k
is it still ok to use for the current day ?
planning to use it from Tamsui to Bali as daily routine.
And what should I know or check during meet up with the seller ?
Please help
Thank you so much

Bring it to the scooter shop for check up, that is the best option. 2nd hand scooter normally will not show you their symptoms until you ride on it for sometime.


Check if there are any outstanding traffic fines , the insurance , fuel tax,
Does this scooter had any major maintenance recently ?

for reference (this article is for motorcycles but could also be a reference for scooters):


Is there a way to check it without the owners ID number and birthday?

I think there is no way to check any traffic fines without the Owners ID number and birthday

Also You can check and pay traffic fines at the convenience kiosks

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alright thank you i will use all the information for me because I will check it tomorrow


Word of advice, do not buy from those shops that only sell second hand scooters!

The are renown for replacing new covers to make the scooter look brand new, but the engine has gone through more mileage than it shows!

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But a seller should have no reason to not agree providing such info, no?

Wouldn’t worry about traffic fines as the owner will have to clear them before the ownership can be transferred, just don’t part with money until the papers go through.

How much and what CC?

This is a little off topic but when I lived there my girlfriend (later to be my wife) told me she had to break up with me because anyone stupid enough to buy a used scooter in taiwan isnt smart enough to take care of a family. I had just gone through 3 used scooters/motorcycles that ended up having so many problems that the local mechanics didnt want to work on them anymore. I bought a new honda clone for 30,000nt in 2002 monies and never had another scooter problem.

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