Getting a driver's license vs getting a scooter license

Spent several hours on this today, got my US license notarized, did the health check, etc, but when it came time to actually get the license, they said I need an address.

Not sure what to do here. I’m not going to have a permanent address for a while – months. They told me to call immigration and ask them about adding an address to my arc, but…

I’m thinking maybe I just use an Airbnb address, that I happen to be at at the time, and then update it later. I’m moving from place to place for now.

Someone else may know the law on this, but I think a permanent address is necessary. It’s an accountability thing. I may be confusing this with Japan - and I did this a long time ago - but it seems you have to register , as a resident , with the local ‘yakuba’. (?) I know you want your wheels but …after having done due diligence and having followed the rules this far ?

Yeah, I just have no idea when I’ll get a permanent address.

I logged into the gold card website to update my address there and apparently they want a document verifying that it’s my address (lease, bill, etc I’m guessing), so that’s a no-go for using an Airbnb address.

I wonder if the DMV will take an address I give them or if they will only use what’s on my gold card (currently, nothing).

You’re supposed to update your address within 30 days of a change, but I don’t have one so that doesn’t apply. I could at least get my driver’s license possibly.

Interestingly, this webpage mentions getting a driver’s license without an address:

Mentions either:

  • with R.O.C. I.D. card
  • with R.O.C. I.D. card, but no registered address in Taiwan
    additional requirement in this case is simply “An Alien Residential Card (ARC) for over 6 months validity”
  • No R. O. C. ID card, but with Alien Residential Card (ARC) for over 6 months validity

Kinda confusing

Went back to the DMV and showed them a printout of the webpage and tried to get them to accept an address I tell them, but they said no.

Went to immigration and told them I need to add an address to my ARC, and that I’m just staying in hotels. He told me to get a certificate from the hotel.

But I’m not sure if there’s a minimum amount of time I have to stay in one hotel. I usually only stay a day or two and spend most my time in Airbnb, but I know Airbnb isn’t even legal here, so…

Got a certificate from my hotel but I’m checking out today so I don’t see how that’s helpful lol

Also before I mentioned hotels he told me to update it online and mentioned a lease, so I wouldn’t be able to use a friend’s address

Not sure what kind of advice you expect. Get a legal residency and then you can also get a driver’s license :man_shrugging:

Your friend might be able to issue you a letter that you’re living with him and/or that he is letting you live in his apartment rent free until you have found a place of residence. They should also accept that as a proof.

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I think you’re wasting your time. I don’t think drivers license is issued anywhere without a long term address.

Ofcourse you could argue that you could sign a lease and leave the next day, but that’s rare.

At this point I’m partly looking for advice, partly documenting my results for anyone who comes across this post in the future.

My advice: put a TW address on your gold card application… At that time they will accept any address, expecting you to update it later with a permanent one. By not putting in anything you end up in my position (unless you get an apt right away of course)

‘a’ Taiwan address - ‘a’ being the non-specific article - means you advise others to just put -any- address, aka forge, or did you mean to type 'put your Taiwan address on your gold card application?

If you haven’t been to TW yet you probably don’t have a permanent address here. I read that you’re totally ok to put where you’ll be temporarily staying until you get here to sort things out. That’s why they have a function to update your address and it says to update it within 14 days of getting a new address. Seems it’s kinda expected, not “forging”

Actually the gold card website itself says “You may leave your Taiwan relative/friend’s resident address if you have no residence address”

though it goes on to say “However, you must provide a residential address within 30 days of arriving in Taiwan.”

Last update for a while: talked to the gold card office and they said to upload the hotel certificate, and that technically every time I change places I’d need to update it there. He said normally it takes a couple weeks to get a new card issued but now it’s taking longer.

So, kinda dumb still. I can stay in a hotel for a day, get a certificate, put that address on my gold card, and that’s apparently fine, but the DMV still requires seeing an address on your card, however meaningless it might actually be.

Oh, he also said I can put a friend’s address, but I didn’t ask him what document I might provide with that

The info you find can be hit or miss, depending on who you talk to and when. Even moreso when it’s a nibble at a time. I’m fortunate here in that I know people who can go down these rabbit holes and get definitive answers. Good luck with that man -

Now it takes about 4-5 business days to issue an ARC for an address change, assuming the documentation is all in order.

If you have not successfully applied for your license yet, if I remember correctly, your notarized docs have an expiration date!

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Shit, you’re right. July 1

fyi, they did approve the use of the hotel address, even though the certificate was only for a two-night stay and it showed I had already checked out. Seems like my card is ready for pick-up now.

Got my new gold card, got my license, and got approved on GoShare :slight_smile: strange they’re in Tainan but not Taichung :confused: