Getting attacked by dogs

Has anyone else ever been attacked by the stray dogs that roam the streets?

I’m usually fine, but once I’m on my bike, the dogs just completely hate me. Usually all I have to do is stand up, yell, and/or throw my bike at them, and they run off afraid…but, yeah, it’s some crazy shit…gets the ol’ adrenaline pumping.

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I got bit by a poodle of all fucking things when I was a lad delivering newspapers. I yelled at the old lady.

What I would do now if attacked, would be to take a behaviour modification technique a little further. If you have a dog that you want to curb from jumping up on you, you bend his paws down just to the point of pain. They back off pretty quick. If attacked, I would take it beyond that point. I’d snap the filthy cur’s paws clean off.

It is probably your scent.

Are you a pussy?

City dogs are no problem - scared of a fart.
It’s when you get into the countryside that you see the dark evil side.

I was cycling down the road through Taroko Gorge when a pack of dogs come running out of the fields and chased me down the road. Some got very close to chewing my feet. You have never seen anyone pedalling so damn quick. Thank Christ I was going down and not labouring up.

When I’m on the bicycle, I find the best way to get rid of them is to squirt water from the waterbottle.

There was a news story of a pack of semi-wild dogs attacking and killing an old guy in the foothills in Tainan County. Think it was 2/3 years ago. A posse went out and shot the dogs if memory serves me right.

[quote=“wangdoodle”]City dogs are no problem - scared of a fart.
It’s when you get into the countryside that you see the dark evil side.
Agreed. As an avid hiker, I often encounter very mean dogs in the zone between civilization and wilderness. Forget about poisonous snakes or killer bees, when you get near the trailhead, that’s where the danger lurks. They live around farm houses with other domestic animals and will start barking and more often than not will charge out at you as soon as they detect your approach. The thing to do: you don’t need to speak softly but definitely carry a big stick. My hiking stick is used more to stave off attacking dogs than assist me in my hike.

pepper spray :grrr:

A dog bit me and tore off most of my left cheek when I was a kid. Scars are still visible.

Still, I love dogs. The scary ones are usually made that way through neglect or worse. Give them a wide berth.

What is it with scooter sounds provoking dogs?

He he he…I know :slight_smile:

Never run from a dog, BTW. It will encurage it to chase you.

[quote]What is it with scooter sounds provoking dogs?[/quote]Its the people riding them. There’s a big black dog lives at the temple at my house that chases scooters and looks really mean, yet when I come home at night he hears me from the end of the road and is always lying in wait to accost me. He can definitely tell my bike from all the others. I’ve taken to feeding him heartworm chews every few months cuz he’s such a friendly big lunk – looks a lot like Gustav would if he was put on a diet! :wink: Yet to the scooter kids he’s a menace and they’re terrified of him.

I find most of the dogs round here are scared of stones. If you bend down as if to pick up a stone (even if there aren’t really any stones to pick up), even dogs in packs will usually go away.

A while back Taipei used to have 1 million stray dogs. There were many packs that would roam the city and attack people. I used to have to carry a heavy stick when heading to the riverside as there was a large pack of more than 25 dogs with a mean old leader. Too many little mei-mei’s and di-di’s getting a “cute” little puppy with parents not caring or realising the big dog it become. Streets are much safer now that the chip law is in effect.

On this topic (not off topic!!!), does anyone know where to buy pepper spray here?

If it’s the same dogs same area try a water spray bottle. You know their coming … be ready!

Even more effective (and fun ) is get a passenger with a bucket of water. Dump it on the dogs as you go by.

Make the most of it. you probably won’t get a third shot at it. :frowning:

PS I lone dogs. But this is a tried and tested way to stop dogs chasing vehicles. Better for the dog in the long run.

Honest. :blush:

[quote=“GongChangZhang”]Even more effective (and fun ) is get a passenger with a bucket of water. Dump it on the dogs as you go by.

One time when we were kids, there was a mean older bully throwing rocks at us and poking a pole at us through the fence to try and hit us. My mom filled a 2-gallon pot with cold tap water, and threw it on him. :bravo: :laughing:


The brat’s old lady came over and bitched my mom out, and my mom told her that the next time she caught the boy doing it, she’d boil the water first.

But one cold soaking did the trick. It really takes the aggressiveness out of folks, too, which is why water hoses at riots work so well, and why you don’t see as much crime and violence during cold rainy seasons.

3000 NTD to 15000 NTD for the owner of the dogs? Seriously? Owner should be fined 10x that and jailed for a while.

So, I think it’s stipulated in law how much(or little) the owner can be fined. You can’t just hand out some random fines, even if you feel like it’s warranted, unless there is some basis in law for it

The punishment for the owner seems quite lenient. In the UK there could be unlimited fines and a possible 6 month prison sentence. It is, of course, difficult to prove to what degree the owner allowed the attack to happen.

It’s not but somehow being bit by a poodle sounds funny.

Now of course a standard poodle is as big as a German Shepard and can kill you.