Getting custom T-shirts / tees made in Taipei

Where can I get T-shirts made quickly in Taipei?

there’s a shop on shinsheng b[/b] south road that do even one shirt.
it’s accross ta-an b[/b] park.
somewhere between Heping east road crossroad and the mosque…


Looking for a place where I can get t-shirts made with custom logo/design etc.

Also any idea how much this sort of thing goes for?

TIA -This place seems well established. Haven’t used them personally though. They speak good English (the owner is supposedly the sister of Amy Tan?!) but the prices are higher.

Depending on how big your order is, I think it’s around NT 200? Not sure since it’s been a loooong time since I’ve done this.

hi does anyone know of a shop that makes t shirts and/or does screen printing or put pictues on. there was 1 near Taida but I think it’s closed.

I know the place you mean by Tai Da. I went there in Decemeber and it’s been there for years so I’d be surprised (and disappointed) if it was closed. If you were going south down Xin Sheng South you cross over Roosevelt at the T intersection. Walk to your right and then take the first lane left were you’ll see a park. Take the alley on your left and it’s in a basement store. There should be small coffee shop next to it and there’s some t-shirts displayed in the windows. The guy who runs it speaks resonable English and is super nice.

Good luck

Slightly off-topic, but do you think this place would be able to print decals – you know, transfers – that one could, for example, transfer onto a ceramic object?

I’d say…maybe. He’s always been very friendly and willing to help with any ideas I’ve thrown at him. But when it comes to creamics I have no idea.


Where can I order custom T-shirts, with lettering of my choice in English and Chinese. Would only want 1 or 2, at a reasonalbe price. I recently asked some of the jewlery salespeople in front of Eslite books and they were short of suggestions. (might have been because the police were making their regular harassing rounds)

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I was looking for tie dyes and had no luck… so I did it myself…

its not hard, if you can silk screen you can probably do a custom T shirt, alternatively, there are ink jet T shirt iron on’s you can use for that purpose as well… as to blank T shirts, I had no luck…

Thanks, it’s a bit surprising there don’t seem to be any people making custom T-shirts. Can’t imagine the entire business has joined the exodus to China.

cheers, :rainbow:

I don’t know if this topic has been covered already but I am looking to do some printing for toddler t-shirts and baby creepers (the ones with the snap buttons). Any leads would help.


Hello - I am also interested in finding a cheap, good quality T shirt printer in Taiwan.

Here in Australia we hand screen print some designs onto shirts, but its messy and time consuming…

Some photo shops provide this kind of services.
Or try these website:

You may try Giordano. They have T-shirt printing for groups. I’m not sure if they do for individuals though. You can check with a Giordano shop for the details.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: Have a place in Taipei lined up now - will meet up with them next month


I would be lovely to be able to wear T-shirts designed by oneself. Is there a way of getting one’s one designs printed on T-shits?

If you just want one, one way is get some special printer paper. Print your design on that backwards, and iron on to a blank T-shirt.

Where can I get the printer paper?

Where can I get the printer paper?[/quote]

Nova or any large print/photography/computer store should carry it. It’s called t-shirt transfer/wax transfer/iron-on transfer paper. It works best by cutting out the finished print around your design and printing with a white transfer paper onto a white shirt. The whole thing including white background gets transferred onto your shirt so if you use, say, white paper with a red shirt you’ll have a big white border around the design.