Getting one's gender officially acknowledged

Does anyone know how to -or even went through the process of- getting the gender entry on the ARC or APRC changed?

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I don’t think you can.

You may need to change the gender on your passport of your home country.

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Knowing how fast my home country’s offices work, it might be faster to wait for reincarnation…:sob:

But thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

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My limited understanding is that Taiwanese nationals can only change their legal gender with proof that they have had bottom/top (for FTM) surgery. Even with that I think it’s very unlikely that they’d change it for a foreigner if your passport doesn’t reflect it though.


Hi everyone, I have an update here. I recently changed my gender on my US passport since it was changed to self-declaration of gender and I was then able to use that to change my ARC gender without any fuss. Well, I have a gold card and the online system doesn’t actually let you edit the gender field, but after contacting the help desk they told me to upload a statement to the “supplementary documents” section or whatever it’s called, and that worked. Note that you will be issued a new ID no., and I assume I’ll have to get my NHI card changed also because of that.

So…it’s possible. I thought they might hold me to the same standard as a Taiwanese citizen but they did not. If you can change your passport you should be fine.


Congratulations! It’s a really special moment when you hold your new ID with everything written black on white on it.

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I’m going to assume it changes between the 8 and 9 right?

The number is actually completely different, but yes I think it’s the 8/9 in the beginning that indicates gender.

Of course. If just one number was arbitrarily changed, it would fail the checksum.

I guess technically they could just change the first and last digits, if they wanted to? (IIRC how that works.) Probably no easier than just changing the entire number though.

@slawa knows the algo better than I do.

I think it just multiplies all characters by a positional coefficient and sums them, then the last digit is the remainder when divided by 10 or something, similar to ISBN numbers (but with the positional coefficients in opposite order, I believe). Might be wrong though.

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Right. If you change any of the characters/digits, then the last number will change too.
You can try it out: 🆔 Verify Taiwan ID | Project |

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