Getting ready for possible level 3 (2022 edition)

As I stated before, on a level 3 there is a chance that we may have to stay longer at home, WFH totally or partially, go out to eat less and cook more. Here’s what Auntie Peng is doing to prepare for that contingency:

For WFH:

  1. Make sure the computer and internet are up to speed, meaning in good condition. You need yours, kids need theirs.

2.Select your office at home area, well lit, and exclusively for that use. Maybe you need a better chair/sofa,/lamp.

  1. Prepare mentally, draw a schedule so you can divide tasks corresponding to work/housework/leisure even at home.


  1. Water. Either get a filter/refit your filter/buy a gallon or so.

  2. Food. If not used to cooking, get bread and freeze, buy cheese, eggs, sausages, sandwich material. Instant noodles. Pasta. Canned stuff. If a cook or many people in the household, maybe cook ahead and freeze/buy prepared frozen. Get fruits and veggies and prep. Snacks in moderation. Gas or electric to cook. Check condition of appliances.

Coffee. And tetra pack milk. If so inclined.

  1. Vitamins and medications. Ibuprofen or favorite painkiller. Mineral and fluid replenishment for fevers. Mineral water.

  2. Toilet paper. Feminine higiene products. Cleaning stuff. Gallon alcohol…rubbing kind.

  3. Whatever else you might need to make yourself comfortable.

Don’t forget your pets. Pet food, extra snacks.



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I try to think it is like preparing for a typhoon. And that it will too pass.


My pro tip: the supermarket in Nanshan Breeze is never busy. Taiwanese don’t shop there.

And two floors up is a smashing French bakery.


Nothing is going to close so i don’t think you need to stock up on food. Medications so you don’t have to visit the doctors unless you need to makes sense. Also computer equipment makes sense.


That’s why I think veggies and meat and such in moderation. Even snacks. Unless you are a family/already cooking. Then it makes sense to get ready as going to the supermarket might not be a great idea/delivery will be delayed as it was before during the May outbreak.

great supermarket!!!

I agree on this, but I think there’s a SMALL chance MRT travel may be limited (wasn’t there talk of this happening last summer, but we never reached that level? I forget - something about crossing Taipei/New Taipei City boundaries?). Meaning if you can get something locally, nothing to worry about, but if you regularly get stuff across town, you MAY want to consider stocking up.

But I suppose the main reason to stock up is in case you get sick and can’t go out for five or six days. EDIT: I usually have plenty of leftovers in the freezer anyway - but now’s a good time to build those up again.




The organic store has frozen soups which are great when you are sick. I usually keep also several canned soups in case of quake/typhoon, but the frozen ones taste better/have a lot less sodium.

Wished we had more jello and ice cream choices, though. Family Mart tea jello will do in a pinch.

I do remember last year they did cut off the number of MRT runs, meaning it took longer time between trains.

Oh my. I haven’t bought canned soup in many, many years. Not sure if I dare do that again …

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They won’t do this until after CNY, they have stated as much.

Imported ones. Goya and such. Chicken noodle.

No clam chowder or sweet and spicy soup.

Problem is after LNY the stores are bare and so will our pantries.

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Things probably aren’t going to close as such, but I doubt our esteemed dentist has any clue how logistics chains operate. Minor disruptions here and there can have large effects, and Taiwan is more dependent than most countries on imports. Everyone who “locked down” had knock-on effects that caused major headaches on both the supply and retail end.

If they go full-blown level 4 then there will probably be power outages, water shortages and suchlike simply because of inadequate manpower and supplies to keep those things running. If TPTB start panicking it would probably be a good idea to keep a couple of hundred L of water on hand, just in case. Water shortages are truly miserable.

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Following! Hopefully, I have time to get water and groceries for me and pet babies before anything happens :sob:

so is the likelihood of level 3, like, 50/50? Higher?

doubtful. I think you’ll see like an “enhanced level 2”

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That’s exactly what they said. Enhanced level 2 now.


Level 5!


That’s not much help for “getting ready.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: