Getting to Green and Orchid Islands

I’m having trouble working out how to get to these islands.
I’m thinking of going there over the coming long weekend but I don’t know how doable that is. One ferry company has a website you can book on, but all the boats to and from on the Thursday and Sunday respectively are booked out. It’s also not clear how you can travel between the two islands instead of going back to taidong first.
Apart from that, I read somewhere there are hourly boats to green island, but can’t find much more on that. Would it be OK to just rock up and buy a ticket? Especially on a public holiday?

Can fly or ferry to either one. Not between.

Ferry is always crowded. Ferry, can show up and get ticket, sometimes seats show up, sometimes your ticket is delayed to another one. Go for ticket very early in morning for a later ferry. Weather impacts schedule.

Flying can be more reliable but again limited seats and weather impacts.

Always good to have a second day for flex if first attempt doesn’t do it.

I wrote up a Green Island experience once here. Green Island, Lu Dao (綠島)

Hollidays can be hard.

I personally will never suggest the boat to orchid island…soooooooo sick! If you have an iron stomach, then ok.

Plane tickets are hard as locals often fill the seats. Many people just go there and wait on the list as many people dont show up and there is no deposit or fee if you cancel…bit frustrating but works well.

Ferry to green is generally easy but long weekends they fill up. Book early.

Thanks for the info. I’m wondering whether it’s actually worth making the effort since it is a long weekend. Should I make it there it might be unpleasantly crowded anyway. Maybe I should just take a Friday off sometime to go instead.

Wondering if anyone knows about this? I saw Klook sells as a bundle taitung -> orchid -> green island -> taitung tickets but it’s not clear if you can use them whenever or they have to be all the same day. I sent them a question and they didn’t reply. Anyone know?

I don’t know but I’ll throw out some random comments.

Seems like a lot of boat time for one day with little time for play. I guess part of could include flights but still not much time for play.

I wonder how Klook deals with disruptions traveling to and from those locations due to weather. Do they just say come back tomorrow or do they put you up in a hotel or what?

And for people that end up not making the trip due to limited time to wait for good weather, how and how long does it take to get money refund if there even is one or do they just say it’s not our fault so no refund?

Cant comment on that ticket vendor. But generally ticket sales agenta and companies only refund or rebook tickets. Hotels, transportation etc etc is normally on you. My last visit to green island had a typhoon scare which didnt hit but brought waves and wind. Spent 5 nights there as everything was cancelled.

Hotel was nice enough and discounted our room. But there were no incoming guests either. Try your luck complaining, but if its weather related its often SOL but taiwan is good at refunding ticket price, which is frankly all they are responsible for.

As tango says its a lpt of boat time…the round trip is convenient but spend a couple nights on each island. Orchid island has some hiking and amazing species to be exlored. Decent diving, culture and so crazy geography. Green island is basically coastal taidlng with a fun hotspring and typical tropical developed island getaeay vibe, but 2 nights are best (giving you a full day). Green island also has amazing species if nature is of interest. Google their endemic stick insect :wink:

Ps. If you want info from a taiwanese company you need to either call them or go in person. Email responses are seemingly as common as unicorns.

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