Any thoughts on big business moving in on #metoo? I think it’s a positive as things will be a bit more disciplined from now on. Procter and Gamble should sort things out.


Aren’t they already going broke from the California forest fires?

Stupid marketing. This doesn’t speak to me as a consumer.


Not that I’m aware of. They do some very naughty stuff in Indonesia. But it’s OK because they’ve produced a virtue signalling advert.


I think their products caused some fires that lead to the forest fires.

But way to demonize your target market lol. I can’t wait to see their loss on this one.


I think it’s just more PC Bullshit ,that they think will make the a morally superior company.
I used to think that my Father had some pretty un-pc ideas , when he gave me advice . I disagreed at the time , but sometimes the people who lived through a whole lifetime , may just be right on some issues.


Well, it sort of worked for Nike, but Gillette’s mileage may vary.



Isn’t this the same company that charges women more for the same exact razer for being pink?


I think that firms like Dollar Shave Club are the biggest threat to Gillette in the US. Not only because their products are a better value, but because their advertising is vastly superior.


Pretty sure they only sell razors


OK, I actually watched the Gillette ad. Fuck it, I’m buying Bic next time.


I’m growing a beard.



This could turn into a movement.


Beard it is.

I’m sick of the me too movement. I think its core purpose and intentions have been played out. Not all men are scumbags and not all women are innocent.

Been using Gillette my whole adult life. Time to move on to a traditional razor like my grandfather used complete with the lather brush, bowl etc. Been wanting to do that for a while now.


Bic should go with an old school football player/ranchhand type campaign now if they’re smart


Throw in a couple of babies, happy family type shit. Can’t miss


But I’d say Schick is more of a competitor to Gillette than Bic. Or does Bic make Schick?

Nope, just Googled it. Bic and Schick are separate. I always think of pens when I hear or see Bic.


I wonder which way Schick is gonna go with this. They used to have pretty macho commercials.


I’m sure those Marketing guys may have not realized that the "Target " audience for these ads, probably don’t shave .:yum::joy: