A guy shaving. Attractive woman gazing longingly at him. Then it just says " Bic … For Men"


For some reason this brings a sketch from the old show Bizarre to mind, with Pete Rose selling aftershave. The line was “Cause a man needs to smell like a HORSE!”


Maybe, but I suspect that you’ve seriously underestimated the #metoo forces in the West, including (maybe especially in) the US.

Social media has public Americans and American institutions walking on eggshells these days. A guy (but rarely a woman) can go from hero to zero in a single tweet. If Bic chooses a deliberately macho, anti-PC approach, then I predict a bloodbath in social media, at least in the short term (never good for branding).




I mean, they should finesse it. No cretins in wifebeaters or anything. Masculine and positive


That is just wrong.


Well, maybe he shaves his legs?


Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see them (or anybody) pull it off. Just saying it’s exceedingly risky in a world ruled by a device never more than an arm’s length away from eyeballs.


Not helpful !!

However, I am interested in @Icon’s take on whether a hirsute face makes up for shaved legs on a male. :thinking:


Nice like/dislike ratio they got there!


This one from Bic works.



They sell my deodorant in Canada too.


He did some good adverts.


I think it was probably a joke about the spelling of razor. Reminded me of this:

I always thought one of them was called Razor. Funny how memory works.


A man wrote that ad.

Jesus. Is that the best that man can be?


You guys seem awfully triggered about a boring ol’ ad. :whistle:


Gillette Now Including Free Manly Side Bag With Every Purchase


It’s just a terrible ad. The tone is way off.


I didn’t think it was very good either. As someone mentioned above, it’s just ironic that they’d make an ad like this at all when most razor companies are guilty of making pastel colored razors “for women” that are in no way different from (and in some cases, are inferior to) the men’s version of the products, and marking up the price. Big companies are all the same, they just lie to you and rip you off.


I think some of us are laughing at the abject stupidity of a razor company that’s main target is men using “toxic masculinity” as it’s theme.