Girl I'm Dating Obsessed with Wealth?

I’m originally from the states (ABC) and I went on this date with a beautiful Taiwanese girl this past week. I took her to a mid-tier restaurant for the first date. Anyhow I looked at her Instagram Story today and she had posted a photo of the food at the restaurant we were at. However something was really off, which was the napkin had the name of the restaurant on it, but it was not the name of the one I took her to.

I was very confused by this… Could this have been a mistake, ie. the restaurant used the same napkins as other restaurants or were they part of the same chain owned by the same mother company? I know for a fact this was indeed the same restaurant because I remember the dish she ordered as well as the unique design of the chopsticks that were all taken in the photo along side the napkin which said the name of another restaurant, which surprise surprise, was a higher end more expensive restaurant.

Then I scrolled past her next couple of Instagram stories and landed on another where she was showing a very expensive watch from a very expensive vendor.

So I’m just wondering if I’m tripping out. Is this girl a gold digger, did she plant the napkin for her IG story? Or was it an honest mistake. Red flags? Should I keep seeing her?


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ask her how many watches she has next time to see her reaction, explain it if need be by you happening by her IG


All red flags, run! :joy:


Where did the expensive watch come from?
How about luxury handbags?

I think you know the answer already.

(one small caveat -they may be part of the same restaurant group, but still I don’t think you want to be just one of the targets for gold digging)


Shouldn’t this be easy to find out by googling? Otherwise, if you are not ready to give up yet, I’d go back to the restaurant, order something and find out.

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Very beautiful young women in Taiwan will be showered with luxury gifts by many rich locals and it can warp their personalities. I would be very cagey if I were you.


You should go back to that restaurant, and pay special attention to their napkins next time.

Also, doesn’t this girl know you have access to her Insta? She wouldn’t do this if she knew you could see the picture, right?

In any case, even if she did plant the napkin, I don’t necessarily think it’s a red flag. Don’t be like Jerry Seinfeld and dump a girl because she only wears one outfit.

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Depends. How good is she in bed?


You got a date with a hot chick and she wants more of the same? You’re already ahead of the game for a lot of ABC dudes that wash up here. Stop trying to Sherlock her IG and just keep making the jingle that allows you to take her to good restaurants. Good luck out there.


In your cave?

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Have you given her reason to believe you are very wealthy?

This wouldn’t be a surprise. Get the likes, build the following, give yourself face, etc. Maybe she just wants her friends to be jealous and the restaurant you picked didn’t cut it.

Remember this?

Seems unlikely, more likely a harmless flex IMO

I might make a joke about it and see how she reacts. If she laughs it off and has a believable reason, cool. If she gets angry or otherwise goes off the rails, that’s a problem

I literally had a girl say i didn’t spend enough on the first date for her to consider a relationship. I saw that as a bullet dodged. Not a very interesting person, anyways.

How was your date, otherwise? Aside from being beautiful, does she bring much to the table (except napkins from previous dates)?


I would screenshot and ask her

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Not a wife material, but fun material as long you are not forced to spent money


In my younger years, I would have agreed. But now it’s the opposite - worth spending a bit of money to get a foot in the door. Then win her over with your great personality.

Yep, this is my first though. If she’s pretty, just keep seeing her and have fun. If she turns out to be too materialistic, chuck her.

Why overthink it after 1 date?


Googled it earlier but couldn’t confirm. The other restaurant does the same type of food, but just pricier.

No, I haven’t given her reason to think I’m very wealthy, but not poor either. Met her at a bar, and her friend was hitting on me, but I asked her out instead. She laughed at my jokes and that’s where it started.

And yea we’ve only been on one date so I have no clue what her real personality is like.


Thank you! Yea I think the original dynamic of how I met her intrigued her, was a plus she laughed at my jokes. You’re right though, I’ll keep up the jingle and see where it takes me (while being cautious).

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In my younger years, girls took me out! But that wasn’t present day Taiwan

I think we agree the OP shouldn’t see the napkin as a deal breaker :wink:

That’s a good start!


Just remember, whatever you do will be 10x what a local dude is likely to consider appropriate. No need to push the limits to impress her. Buy one diamond ring today, you need to buy 2 of them tomorrow.


I also agree. This was a thumb in the eye of her girlfriends. She made her date look better than her boring friends are having.