Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

Is that ironic in any way?

Back to China:

Yes, hurray. Nearly back to zero on that.

This seems dangerous. Short your way to a greener tomorrow?

There are three broad reasons why shorting would make sense in ESG-focused portfolios:

First, shorting is a great way for portfolio managers to express their investment views. The obvious point is that if a manager expects a security to do poorly, simply not holding it is a less significant expression of that view than shorting. This is, of course, not particular to ESG.

Second, shorting is a great way to hedge risks, including those of an ESG nature.

Third, many ESG-oriented investors seek impact through their financial portfolios. Impact is never easy, but the most realistic case by far for affecting the real economy is holding a large position in an issuer, voting shares, engaging, and maybe even getting a seat on the board. None of this will happen if the investor takes no position in the company. But you can have some impact when you short a company – not as much as a long investor, but more than a non-investor (and, of course, adding shorting doesn’t detract from your ability to impact through your long positions).

So kdmn got their approval, then an offer of a buyout at $9.50 from Sanofi, which caused the stock to double to $9.xx… it’s subsequently dropped to $8.71. Deal is supposed to close in q4 - feels like a pretty low risk 9% return in a couple months - what’s the market saying that I’m missing here? There’s not usually free money just sitting there for the taking.


So what’s everyone’s take on the whole Evergrande Chinese real estate crisis?

I’m getting concerned it could boil over into USA markets especially if the big boys invested heavily in them.

Everyone things China will intervene but I suspect they may not as the CCP are trying to look like they won’t stand for financial corruption and intervening may be like giving a blank check on bad behaviour.

They deserve to loose that money. They really thought communist party will pay back foreign investors in case of default?! :rofl:

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Who know, it’s far riskier for China than anything else. 10s of billions of bonds are next to worthless… So I think they will make the investors take a bath but try to stop the contagion.

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Gogoro IPO
:motor_scooter: :battery:

The company intends to list through a merger with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Poema Global Holdings Corp

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Louisa IPO on local stock exchange .

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I have lived in Taiwan over 5 years, never been to Louisa. :grin:
Starbucks probably just once every year too.
But I am not in Taipei. This is probably why.

Jeez loiuz…You don’t like coffee :grin::grin:
I’m in there most days.
I think their net earnings (profits ) , approx 5 million USD, are a little low on 524 stores but I don’t know what are common metrics in the business. It seems it’s about 10% of revenue. Profit is profit though.

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Not that much. But my MIL makes great coffee.

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I prefer home-brew coffee too.

Stock-wise I am watching Luckin coffee, but have never owned any shares.

I like the concept of Louisa for overseas, it’s got potential. A lot of bad coffee in Asia.

Just bought a bunch of NRZ a week or few back. noice.

And this, meaning I really may never sell my MO and PMI


Wall Street seems fazed today. 500 point drop in premarket. :runaway:

XAU and XAG all in

Ever not so Grande

Seems the west has a bit of exposure that soured over the weekend. Holy Xit.