Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

Ibonds are eligible for US citizens only.


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Not being American, I have never heard of IBonds.

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I think I missed this earlier and never responded - yes, treasurydirect is the only option to buy these, other than getting them with a tax refund I believe. really kind of sucks, but it works.

The interest earned on them is generally subject to federal income taxes, but not state taxes. You avoid the federal tax when used for qualified educational expenses.


I’ve seen AMC take a bump the last few days and bought in some. I’d kept some reminder shares from the reddit investors. I’m thiiiiiis close to breaking even.

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC) shares are trading higher by 7.89% to $18.19 Wednesday afternoon on continued strengh in anticipation of the company’s Thursday second-quarter earnings report. CEO Adam Aron in early July alluded to a potential “pounce” on short sellers.
The AMC CEO in July noted via Twitter that he keeps getting asked: “Wen pounce?”.
“Know this: 1. I always keep my word. 2. I’ve said publicly a pounce would not happen before Second Quarter 2022 earnings are announced. 3. Press release issued today that Q2 earnings to be announced on Thurs, August 4. Read between those lines,” Aron said via tweet… Read More
According to analyst consensus estimates, AMC is expected to report revenue of $1.16 billion on an EPS of 19 cents.

Wen pounce? :thinking:

Still diamond handing/holding the bag. I am about even again too.

I’m holding some reminder COIN as well. Moved 20% today.

I don’t have the faith that idiots will ever gamble in crypto like they did at the beginning. I could be wrong. Still, not willing to contribute more.

The last cycle was at least the fourth crypto cycle. Everytime folks said crypto was done. There’s plenty more in our future. Ethereum merge on the way.

Yeah yes ah happy birthday!

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Nice. Got CloudFlare last week and it popped today.
Lots of big movements in the markets.


AMC up 20%
MP and FCX pop up. Noicely.

:rocket: :full_moon:


VLTA is up 9% in premarket. Earnings set for this week. Blowout expected.

That’s why I have pharma penny stocks in my portfolio. They can explode anytime.

Unfortunately NVTA has been so bad lately that I still need a few more days of this to get even…

Most don’t. And you have to know something about them. Usually with pharma, it’s mostly pipedream. I owned a heat activate cancer killer for like ten years. nada

l know, but l like to dream.

The potential for excitement lasts a lot longer than a lotto ticket. :grinning: