Give me some good diversification ideas for stocks or other asset classes

But the US will…right?

Over 6…minimum…if you’re going to dividends that is.

There’s a few of those on that list but as noted, it’s a lot of energy stocks.

Would be interested in any that aren’t tobacco or energy…if anyone has thoughts about some good ones feel free to post.

Wow, Hertz is back?


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Close enough to 6 I guess…:wink:

They’ve run up…it’s a good thing. I stayed away from my 10%ers…they might be a bit much for some. :whistle: :smiley:

JD Smith.

I opened an “foreign individual” account with Ameritrade.
I’m British & am not required to pay any US taxes with this account.
Opened the account online.

Also I have an account with China Trust. Buying US stocks & not paying US taxes.

Nokia seems to have a lot of good news in the last few month. But their stock never goes up. Idk if I should keep holding on to them.

Thanks. I’ll pass that on. Cheers

Well yes , how much are stock trading fees?
Firstbank is 25usd a pop and HSBC Taiwan are 20 USD.

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Might sell it again soon, pushing 580 pre-market

NKLA upswinging again for change


Even worse…Jeez.

That’ll keep the riff raff out.

I wonder what the added benefits are …if any?

I’m on Interactive Brokers and the fees are miniscule, as far as I know. I inquired at Fubon once, glad they said not for foreigners.


8% div

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FROG is killing it on a shit day. I’m up 30%.