Global Warming VI

I know there are a lot of climate change skeptics on here, and sure there are predictions that can be cherry picked or studies that have been debunked, and yes there is hypocrisy at large or agendas being pursued, but it still seems clear to me that there is a trend of general change

Probably some of it is natural, probably the solar maximum plays a role, probably (hopefully!) we’re not going to see an environmental apocalypse in my lifetime

I believe the earth is not flat, I believe that it is getting warmer and human caused emissions play a role, and I am glad I don’t have kids


16 years for a thread revival!! Good job!


Someone posted the same basic story in another thread, too.

Maybe we need another climate change / global warming thread, to rule them all?


Excellent choice of thread, sir!

I made a new thread. Please enjoy!


With our favorite covid anti-science fear-mongering nudge unit behind a fair whack of the recent climate change messaging, I’m highly doubtful of the integrity of the reporting on this particular topic.

BIT + media working hand in hand on this one.

When the default means of addressing any so-called crisis is to necessarily deprive the masses of various freedoms, I do tend to smell a rat.

Another reporter sprung;

“Climate change!!!” :runaway:

“Oh, sorry, I meant arson.”

Nudge unit’s broadcasters guide to nudging the public on climate change:

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Dear god is your mission in life to play this same song across every thread.



If you have an objection to the actual content of my comment, feel free to discuss it, rather than make a personal attack.

The, “If we can get bully people into just shutting up, maybe we can achieve utopia!” idea is so 2020-2022.

Maybe just maybe stopping the awful planetary disruption, slowing down the damage, would be a path to freedom.


That’s better, but this also still doesn’t even address the content of my comment :man_shrugging:

Regardless, any BIT-inspired messaging - that an enforced and necessary deprivation of fundmental liberties is required in order to be free! - sounds quite the steaming pile, as was the case during covid.

I’d rather have the liberties of breathable air and sufficient food and so on, than the liberty of choosing to burn coal in power stations over windfarms. But that’s just me.


A false dichotomy.

In any case, with BIT’s filthy fear-mongering fingerprints all over the media messaging on climate change, I am highly doubtful that science will prevail.

Well, the science is fairly clear that climate change is happening, about as badly as predicted by the majority of scientists for at least 30 years, and that there are things we can do to mitigate it, but are choosing not to for reasons both political and financial, as well as outright selfishness (although these are basically the same as political and financial reasons).


None of these things were related to my point.

Whether or not, or to what extent, climate change is actually happening, what or not to do to mitigate it (if it is happening), and why people choose (or not) to do anything about it, are separate issues.

My opinion, is that having the BIT behind govt and media climate change messaging doesn’t inspire much confidence. IMO, it seriously undermines climate change activism.

‘Complying your way to freedom’ aint my cup o’ soup, whether it be under the guise of a pandemic or climate change.

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thank you for the clarification.

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I’m afraid to ask but, what is BIT and what do BIT have to do with the fact that the earth is warming because of human activity?

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They are heavily involved in climate change messaging. Please refer to all the links I provided above. I’m not going to link them all again.

This is quite a different point of discussion altogether.

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Sorry, I’m not getting, well, any of the point in any of the posts here. As near as I can tell you’re concerned about “messaging” being shaped by behavioral research, which is true for literally anything/everything published nowadays.
I mean, yeah, people trying to convey a message try to do so as effectively as possible, and that’s going to be true whether it’s a climate-change denial message or a call to action.

Now, back to the original topic… :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, you’ve definitely missed the point.


Is not the point.

This is the point:

BIT have a (very recent) history of attempting to manipulate the public with unethical, anti-science fear-mongering

Their stock-in-trade is to consistently “nudge” society towards totalitarianism.

”Give up all these freedoms, and you will soon be even more free!”

[Doubt meme inserted]

IMO, the extent of the influence of the BIT on the govt and media’s climate change messaging seriously undermines the integrity of the attempted net zero “sell.”

It’s the utilization of the BIT to convey the message, not utilizing behavioral research per se.

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