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I’m new to the teaching English abroad community. I am an American with a BA. I’m currently working on getting my TEFL certificate online and just got an offer from Gloria English School, which I’ve heard generally good things about, in terms of flexibility. After reading many, many discussions about the pay, I found their offer pay extremely low (think <200 NTD/hour) and even after all the bonuses, it still seems borderline low.

Is this how much new tutors usually get paid? I also want to emphasize that I am an ABC and they did tell me that parents might understood me (heard discrimination against English teachers with Asian faces are rather intense). Are they just bs’ing me and underpaying me because of my Asian face? Can anyone shed some insight?

I’m not in the teaching meta, but <200nt/h for teaching, I’d probably rather work at McDonalds. And i’m not saying that as a joke.

Not an expert, but I have read minimum pay of around 600 ntd per hour… 200 is an offense to your dignity

600 NTD is an offense to your dignity, 200 NTD is an offense to your IQ, and 800 NTD is borderline low.

After I googled “borderline meaning”

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During my job search I don’t think I saw a single job advertise more than 650/hour

To get this straight, 800 NTD is borderline low. It doesn’t really matter what you observed during your job search.
If all the job offers requested you to bent over, would that also be something you’d accept as dignified?

No, I’m just saying I haven’t seen anyone willing to pay that much

They are offering you that much because they know your new, and think you don’t know better.

600 is very low and should be the minimum even a new teacher accepts. 750 - 800 is the norm imo.

They probably inadvertently left out a zero. I’d double-check if I were you.

Plenty of teaching and tutoring offers going for 1k NTD an hour or more. Just need experience and know where to look.

I am an expert and I agree.

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800 NT per hour is minimum. Unfortunately too many desperate souls are willing to take a lot less, spoiling the market.

Hour rate for the average cram school is NT 150~250 depending on the area, so with 4~6 kids in a class they break even. If they want to earn more they have to roll up their sleeves and find more kids.

BTW, I know some kids who went to Gloria and their English sucks, so go figure.

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If they’re fobbing their employees off with 200 NTD an hour who are so wet behind the ears they don’t even know they’re being exploited… it’s probably a pretty shit school.

Nope, it’s stated in the rate chart for all teachers and the agreement field. Apparently the rate is the same for veteran teachers as well. Only difference is the bonuses in the 2-digits. I’m pretty sure it’s some made-up BS chart they tailored for me because they probably don’t think I know the average rate. I was mind-blown.

The only reason they appealed to me is because they provide “free” housing in the teacher dormitories (really isn’t with all the fees and charges) and flexible vacation time policy since traveling in Asia is one of my main goals, and I guess they’re okay with my Asian face teaching their students.

One of my friends teaches for Kojen and said her schedule is flexible but it’s overall not that great.

I can’t believe the minimum wage in Taiwan is NT 140…it’s like a slavery wage. How can one even get by on this…

Is this 200ntd per teaching hour or per hour including offices hours etc?
Taiwan aint as rich as it looks on paper

Seriously, where do you even find such jobs? 800/hour seems like a luxury

It’s actually less than NT 200 per hour. I think training pays only NT 50 per class.

That’s awful. I wouldn’t accept this job until you make sure that you have explored all the options and offers available to you.
200 ntd is absolutely ridiculous

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