Gloria English School Offer


I rather work some easier job for min wage than teach for 200nt a hour.


@Andrew0409 - Have you tried teaching english? Share experience?


Yeah, part time when I landed here to get on my feet while doing other projects.

The first few months took some adjusting to understand how to control the class. But it got easier and I only had to teach history which I enjoy. I like working with kids so it wasn’t a problem, I was coaching basketball and baseball for some schools as well.


How was the pay for you? Maybe you can offer him some advice on negotiating.


That’s what I was thinking. It can’t possibly be per contact hour. They wouldn’t get any teachers. The lowest I’ve ever heard of is 400NT and that was ridiculous.

OP might as well give HESS a try.


Their pay is not 200 an hour. That is how much they report to the government so you don’t pay taxes. I think the starting pay there is like 650 or even 700 an hour after bonuses. They also give you paid days off after you’ve been there for a year and you get an end of year and resigning bonus. It’s probably the easiest job on the island. I worked there for like 3 years and it was a cakewalk. If you need more info pm me.


I don’t work with unethical businesses. They might just screw you too



Nobody is asking you to work with them. You’ve never under reported your earnings before?? Or have known anyone to do that?


You sound like a company plant.


I’m long retired from teaching. I did my 5 years and during those 5 years this was the best gig I had. It’s the truth. The only downfall was living in Chungli.


I think the OP should get the facts straight before deciding. If they are offering to only pay 200NT, there’s no question that that’s too little, accomodation or not. I know Taiwanese English teachers who make more than that tutoring in Taipei. If they only report that you make 200NT but pay you more, that’s possibly tax fraud, and whether you’re liable or not is a question for the lawyers. Either way, it can cause problems if the OP needs an ARC, as their is a minimum pay for foreign workers, and it’s a big problem if the OP ever wants an APRC, as you have to prove a certain income.
I know it’s hard to find a job when you’re new to teaching and you’re looking at the wrong time of the year and you’re factoring in the fact that many schools have a bias for white teachers, but this situation just sounds bad. Unless you have a compelling reason to be in Zhongli, I’d start looking in a bigger city.


Not at the expanse of an employee and asking them to partake in this knowing they can face charges as well as deportation. Taxes in Taiwan are low compared to most places. Especially for what you are getting in return. Like not going bankrupt for being sick.


I’m so sorry.


I know the bigger corporation programs are more guaranteed, but I heard their terms and benefits are incredibly limited, compared to the individual schools?


I received a response to my inquiry about the pay:

The hourly teaching pay is NT$180 + teaching bonus + seniority bonus. So the first year is NT$650. If teachers do not have any late or absence records, NT$20 per hour attendance bonus will be provided to teachers. The attendance bonus is only provided to the regular classes.

This is the breakdown of what they provided me for the pay:

Hourly salary: NT 180 (apparently the rate is the same for the veteran teachers…which I doubt)
Attendance bonus: 20
Teaching bonus: 420
Seniority bonus: 50
Sum: 670

What I am confused with now is if I will be eligible for this seniority bonus since I’m new to teaching abroad. I do have about 8 years of experience in volunteer tutoring, though.


670 an hour would still be shit. And the way they break down the pay leaves them some wiggle room if they want to take away some of the extras (example: you’re late once so no attendance bonus for the rest of the contract… and obviously you’re not getting any “seniority” bonus for the reason you stated). So it’s more realistic that it’s 600 for teaching hours and 180 for “desk warming” hours. That’s still miserable. Take that and take them not reporting their earnings to the government into account, and this company sounds dodgy as shit. So you can work for a dodgy cramschool that still would pay terrible even if they don’t scam you, but they probably will. I’d give it a skip, but that’s me.


Gloria isn’t an individual school. There are lots of them around Taoyuan. Obviously nowhere near as many schools as HESS.

I’ve not heard anything bad about Gloria. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re good.


What rate did you start on? I think 600 or so an hour (assuming the OP gets it) is about standard for a new start.

That’s a very odd payment system they have. Never come across anything like that before.


I started ESL teaching 11 years ago in South Korea at a cram-school and was paid by the month. Broken down it would’ve been close to the equivalent of 800 to 900 NTD an hour I suppose. I’ve only had one job in Taiwan and that’s at my uni, also paid monthly. Broken down it’s about 1k NTD an hour.

Maybe I’m out of touch and old, but this Gloria school sounds shady with all its’ pay conditions. That under reporting to the government also sounds a bit underhanded. If they’re willing to cheat the govt, they’re probably willing to cheat their employees. Just my $0.02 and just trying to give OP the best advice I can, but maybe things are a lot worse for FOB teachers now. I don’t know. :man_shrugging: