Gogoro 2 or Gogoro 3? Which one would you choose and why?

I forgot that you were an American and pictured this :slightly_smiling_face:
A trunk in a boot


You silly Brits…


This is a trunk ( and got the boots too) :grinning:

and by the way thats a hat, not a bonnet or a hood.


Yes! Blue is the cheapest!

Cuteness is the main driver here!

100km a month doesn’t sound like much

Which is useless because you can not go that fast due to speed limits.

It isn’t, but if you’re running errands within a 5km radius of home on a daily/bi-daily basis, it seems ok.

I’m on 300km a month for 499NT and it’s perfect for me. My commute isn’t really that far, but the mileage for errands does add up as I do go all over town to certain shops for certain items.

Just keep what you have and wait for the big guys like Yamaha, Kymco and Sym to introduce their electric scooters.

I’m waiting for at least 150cc gas engine power and preinstalled standard dual batteries that can be charged at home with an included charger.

Until then, I’d just assume keep using a gas scooter.

I thiNk they all have electric scooters already.

They do, but I know SYM will have their own battery system at every CPC and some will share the Gogoro system. Only Gogoro seems to have a decent infrastructure in place currently, and it still isn’t cost effective against gas scooters. Once all the big players are competing and have developed infrastructure, it will hopefully be an attractive option. Five, ten years maybe.

It’s just because really scooters cost is kept ridiculously low e.g. no parking fees.

But agree cost is the key to switch a lot of folks.

You’re describing Gogoro.

You can install two batteries on a stock Gogoro? I didn’t know that, but I knew about the home charger.

this is a great idea. hope to see it up and running soon. do you need a special scooter license to ride a gogoro or does the standard drivers license do it?

what are the chances international licenses will be able to be used on this system? it would be nice to be able to rent one of these in the taipei area.

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When riders are done, they can park the two-wheeled EVs wherever it’s legal to park scooters.

But will users understand this concept?

The news failed to mention that it will be only in Taoyuan for now.

Gogoro’s pilot scooter-sharing program will be launched in Taoyuan with a fleet of 1,000 scooters.
If the pilot program is successful in Taoyuan, then after August Gogoro anticipates expanding the platform to other Taiwanese cities in the near future.


This is good news for me, a Taoyuan resident, because I’ve been contemplating getting an electric scooter for my daily around-town driving, but wanted to keep my gas-powered one for longer trips. Now I can try it out without committing yet.

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Apologies for being late to the thread, but I’ve had a Gogoro 2 for about 1 year. The battery system is definitely more expensive than gas for a normal scooter, but overall, it’s really nice. The 2 year warranty has been great. The Gogoro shop is always very helpful. I haven’t had any major issues, but even if you come to them with very small things, they are always quick to help. The button to open the trunk wasn’t working well a few months ago, and they fixed it right away when I brought it in (haven’t had any other problems).

From talking to a friend who works in marketing at Gogoro, I know that most of the design changes are to try to lower cost. At first, they envisioned the product as being for a high-end consumer, but they quickly realized that there isn’t really a market for that. That’s why they changed the materials for the side panels on the 2 and 3. They especially feel the need to bring down the price of the 3 because they are concerned about government stopping or reducing the amount of the subsidy provided to buyers.


When I was looking at getting one I did the maths and came to this conclusion, added to the fact that its a monthly payment if, even if you use it or not, made it a none starter for me.

This month has been wet most mornings so I have been in the car not on the scooter so with the Gogoro I would be paying twice.