Gogoro 2

Excited to see a Taiwan company innovate and execute good design.


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looks fantastic. love the design, love the old ones too.

Love the adaptability of this, the Safari version is awesome! I feel already this is a design classic. They’re really ahead of the game with this one.

It’s a nice bit of design, but those things are way too small, and they fold up like origami in a fender bender. I guess it’s a good thing they don’t have a gas tank to explode.

It’s a scooter its not supposed to be massive.

I prefer the classic design but I’m intrigued about the price, very happy if they are cheaper as it will expand the user base enormously. It’s also more practical and robust. They’ve dealt with many issues like making a flat foot base,
more storage space, back handle, two seater seat, bigger wheels for stability, more torque up hills. Nice work.

Still I want me a classic!

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Gogoro for riding with the boyz.

Gogoro2 for riding with the lady friend.

I’m pretty damn excited about this. Especially that price.

Maybe the gf will let me test ride the new one knowing she can also join without fearing of falling off the back.

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I believe that price is due to government subsidies. So we all pay taxes so people can buy Gogogro’s. Might as well get one if you’re on the market.

I’d like too see Andrew riding around on one of those. You’d make it look like one of those toy bikes for kids.

haha, I crashed my one and only time riding a scooter. Not for me, it’s really unnatural that the gas and break is used by the hand. Basically I tried to stop but kept hitting the gas while breaking and had to jump off before the scooter ran into a wall and did a stunt man style roll before I crashed.

“government subsidies will slash the cost of the electric scooter from the original retail price of NT$73,800 to NT$44,800”

Under 20k for people with a Far Eastone contract, holy moly

Amazing how you can make money running a non profitable business and still operate because you can convince the government it’s for the good of the country.

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I hear you on the position of break and gas. Nearly hit a bus the first time I rode a scooter.

Also most models with white plates are tiny. At 400lbs I’m much smaller than you, but boy those seats barely fit half of my butt.

thats an amazing price. can’t complain about that. whats the price difference to a bog standard scooter compared to that? buying and running it. is it competitive?

Jesus, I qualify for that deal (or will do with a slight renegotiation of the contract)…I’m in. Anyone want a Guangyang 125 for 15,000? 25,000 on the clock.

if they’re still doing the battery-swap thing, I’d say it’s slightly cheaper than a gasoline scooter to run. Definitely cheaper to buy. A half-decent one these days is about 50K, so even 44K is competitive.

I’m a bit on the fence about these things. They’re absolutely better than smoke-belchers, and they steer people away from buying cars. But they’re still scooters, with all the attendant problems (eg., taking your life in your hands every time you use it). The manufacture and disposal of batteries is inherently polluting without stringent controls, and could result in resource scarcity if everyone starts using them.

Andrew: I generally disagree with subsidies on principle, and I don’t think this one is a good idea. OTOH if this helps them reach a critical mass of scooters out on the road, and if the subsidy is temporary, then it basically amounts to a loan which will be paid back via (a) taxes and (b) reduction of externalities attributable to exhaust pollution.

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I take it bignoses are not eligible for the subsidy?

if its competitive then the government should start doing more to limit gas scooters. even if these things are using batterys thats still several notches better than what the majority are using right now. gas scooters are a blight on taiwan, this is a great replacement even if it isn’t perfect.

as for driving safely well thats another issue altogether, but even without riding myself having less smog creating noisy ugly scooters is a huge plus for me.


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Scooter exhaust pollution and noise is a blight in Taiwan, anything that lessens that has got to be a good thing.
Having a cheaper but high quality electric scooter will hopefully finally push the polluting scooter manufacturers to compete in the market.
The subsidies are there so they are idiots for not getting into the market!! They try to extract as much as possible from the current market but they’ll be left flat footed…

If citiy govenments offer electric or bicycle only parking that would be the final push…