:facebook: Gogoro 3 Costs $35,980 NT (~ $1,160 $US)

A traditional fuel scooter in Taiwan costs about that much.

Why should anyone buy a traditional scooter?

BTW, if any of you have a Gogoro, please share about your experience.


It doesn’t say how much for the battery exchange service or how much extra for a home charging option.

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I was thinking this was BS as they seem to be around 70000. Then i read the last paragraph…so what about the rest of taiwan outside of taoyuan? Last i heard there was a 10k subsidy for trading in old scooters. Have a few hanging around. Does it go by household registration? Can foreigners get this diacount? As a hypothetical…its easy to change addresses on arcs…unlike local id :wink:

Blockquote The base price of the vehicle is listed at NT$69,980. However, after deducting the maximum government subsidy of NT$33,000 to replace two-stroke scooters in Taoyuan City and a Combination Braking System (CBS) subsidy of NT$1,000, the scooters can be had at a discounted price of NT$35,980.

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$2,000 US is still beans compared to a car, and you can recuperate the difference by saving on fuel.

And they only grabbed 8% of the market share for new scooters like it’s some big deal???

Is it only in Taoyuan or Taipei area or all over Taiwan?

“Government subsidy of NT$33,000 to replace two-stroke scooters in Taoyuan City”

Or just bad headline, research and reporting from Taiwan news.

Well the subsidy is only for two stroke scooters anyway and those are the really old ones.

Misleading headlines to attract clicks.

Linking to misleading news sources like Taiwan news.

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There are some threads here talking about experiences with gogoro and other electric scooters. I have a gogoro 2. If you have any specific questions, let me know. Probably really depends on your needs, but I can recommend it for city hopping in Taipei and some trips outside (I went till yilan)

gogoro 3 looks like a cheaper version of the 2, the panel is so uggly

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its fugly but…i cant stop myself from digging it.

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It’s still dirt cheap. Why don’t all people just buy one? It’s new and cool and good for the environment.

Why do people not buy one? My reasons (1) unsafe/unhealthy, mostly like, I do not being out breathing fumes from other highly toxic scooters and cars. Prefer using my car, only reason for me to use scooter is parking (lack of a car park). I find fumes much worse than riding a motorbike in Japan or NZ, until more cleaner scooter/cars are out in Taiwan I will feel this. (2) Always the worry about power and where get it (it may better than I think, since I do use an electric scooter). (3) Went to shop in Kaoshiung, price seems not cheap. It’s comment you will hear a lot, that there are expensive. And old used car is not much more. (4) Is it really better for the environment? Battery is very toxic+ other parts can not be recylced. If you really worry about this, then take a bus or walk (I walk to work in Kaoshiung, in Hawaii& NZ do remote work to save time mostly but result is reduce my global warming footprint that is high from air travel)

Well if you drive a car, that’s different. I don’t own a Gogoro either–there are none where I live. And I hate scooters.

A comment from our FB page:

"A traditional fuel scooter in Taiwan costs about that much.

Why should anyone buy a traditional scooter?

BTW, if any of you have a Gogoro, please share about your experience."

I don’t have a good reason to buy a scooter , wish I did, Id love a gogoro for whizzing around. I have a car that I use for some family stuff. For commuting I use public transport usually which is fast, safe, reliable, fairly comfortable and very cheap…If I owned a scooter, much like my car, it would just be sitting there a lot of the time.

Which is why I’m excited about a gogoro scooter share scheme. Although I would like my own gogoro too just to trick it up or whatever :sunglasses:.

I read about it a few months ago and no, I dont believe it is available to foreigners

Hmmm… Isn’t this the exact content of the original post of this thread?

Yeah, to get the discount you need a local. There is a great guide by forumosa’s very own @ranlee here:

It’s from last year, but a lot of info should still be good as a first reference.

It looks like a snail.

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