Gogoro 2


I’m actually quite curious about what kinds of other issues arise after we’ve gone electric. I’m sure it’s not a win win scenario, but it definitely helps since I’m not spewing smog into the air everyday.

I remember doing some random research about carbon footprint of bike vs my scooter and turns out, bike is more environmentally friendly despite their manufacturing process.


If you guys are interested and can understand some Chinese, Yang Shu Shu does a pretty good intro and quick review of the Gogoro 2 plus.

Personally, only thing I’m not liking about it, he covered. When I went for a test ride, the distance for my left thumb from handles to turn signals are a bit awkward. I’m glad I only need to press it once since the signal automatically turns off after turning!


For those interested in the tech details, there’s an article about Gogoro in EETimes:


I think people are worried about battery production & recycling.


They’d better market the shit out of this thingy and make all scooters dead meat.


BBC had a special report on them just this morning.


Yeah, if they can crack that aspect they’ll be onto a winner. The guys interviewed in the EETimes article seem to have a really good grasp of both the physics and the economic issues.


Its the best article I’ve read about them.


Yes, it was the first time they tried to be something more than just a big-talking startup. I still don’t like the smartphone analogy as it smacks of impermanence. There are 30- & 40-year-old Vespas still going. Once you go overboard with the tech components, you have something that breaks down all too often.

It was nice to see them address the proprietary nature of their batteries and the possibility of opening up their platform. That could give them staying power.

I must admit, I have a more positive view of their company now. Not to the point yet where I’d buy one, but if they keep listening to their critics and making the necessary changes, then I’d consider one.


Yeah, I thought that was a bit daft too. It isn’t a smartphone, FFS. You do not put 6-monthly firmware updates into safety-critical systems. However, perhaps they just have a good handle on the way the smartphone generation views the world, and maybe that’s going to make it all work.


God save us from the smartphone generation and their mentality.


They should.just focus on making great vehicles or at least a great transport network. I think the other battery stuff is fluff to be honest.
The vehicle market and impact on transport will be great enough


I do not like paying taxes to subsidize one specific company (I am assuming government has not opened this same high level of subsidies to other companies).

I would prefer government crack down harder to high polluting vehicles (over legal limits) and other polluting factories. Then continue to make bus travel more convenient (e.g. do not allow cars to park in bus stops).

Meanwhile, proposals for electric trams across Taiwan seems like a waste of money. Just a sidenote.


All the government does is wasting money tbh.


Unless anything has changed, the subsidies have been around for years. It’s only Gogoro who has actually shown any interest. There was a rash of cheap, completely shit products churned out by the big scooter manufacturers when the subsidy was announced, IIRC, but they’ve since lost interest. It’s hardly the government’s fault if nobody can be bothered to chase all that free money.

Why are they? Tramways are actually a simple and logical solution to the battery problem. Taiwan has (mostly) very suitable geography for that sort of thing. i agree governments shouldn’t really be involving themselves in engineering projects, but they did a fine job on the MRT, and the trains work pretty well. Only the HSR was a bit of a pig’s ear, but it seems to have outgrown its teething troubles.


It’s a bit like all the other companies saying the government is subsidising Tesla in the US meanwhile they could have made vehicles that consumers could have applied for those subsidies too!


Time to file a complaint for discrimination


Ok, so it’s been a full 3 weeks since I’ve picked up my Gogoro 2+ and I think it’s enough time to give a quick review. I’m still working on getting the right amount of footage (and time) for a full on vlog introducing the vehicle.

Wait time

I waited a total of 58 days from the day I paid in full to the day that I picked up the vehicle. According to my observations in the the Gogoro Fans Club FB page, it was about an average 60 day wait time. The sales contract does state that you will receive it in 90 days.


I added my sales rep’s LINE (Winnie @ Rao He store) and whenever I had inquiries, I would directly LINE her. So, when she got word I got matched to a vehicle, she messaged me and told me to sign into the app. (If you were not matched to a vehicle, you were not able to sign into the Gogoro mobile app) The indication that you can sign in means, your Gogoro is on its way to the store!

For pick up, make sure you bring photo ID. The scooter is registered under my cousin’s name, but I signed the sales contract. They asked who the scooter was registered to, it didn’t match my ID, but was quickly sorted and they reeled out my scooter from the back


Compared to my 10 year old Kymco Jockey (G3), the Gogoro 2 is a dream to ride. Suspension is better and it’s much heavier, giving it good balance and I don’t feel all the bumps on the road.

Battery swapping takes a total of 10-15 seconds. The charge station itself will take 6 seconds from the second you insert 2/2 of the batteries. I’m on the unlimited plan, so I’ve been going on late night joy rides to unlock some of the badges/achievements. It does take you to some places you normally do not, which I’m not complaining too much about.

All in all, so far, worth every penny. Also, knowing that I’m doing what I can do create less pollution is the cherry on top of the cherry.

Here’s another pic to top off the review, electric scoot only parking spaces under the district gyms! Feel free to leave any comments below if you guys have questions. I’ll try to push out a vlog soon.


Congrats! Didn’t know you were getting one.

The bike you are parking next to doesn’t look electric.


Obvious question: exactly how much did it cost? And how does it handle with a passenger on it?