Gogoro electric scooter

Is there for comparison an overview map of the Ionix swap stations?

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I don’t know if there is an interactive map, but they do have an overview map on this page. I think you might have to download their app to get an interactive map.

According to Google translate it’s an overview map of their fast charging stations. I’m not familiar with Ionex, so I’m not sure if that’s the same as battery swapping or not.

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Do you have any tips for buying a secondhand Gogoro through this Facebook group (how to avoid lemons, how to negotiate, etc.)?

Would the first series of Gogoro still be viable, do you think?

Basically same as any purchase of a used item. Try a few so you have a good idea of what they should be like. Trust your gut. Get a little experience with pricing to understand how much you’re saving vs. purchasing a new one.

For a data point for you, I spent $48,000 for a Gogoro 2 which was 18 months old with 10k kilometers on it. He put a brand new chain and brand new tires on it right before selling, so that was included in the price I paid. A new Gogoro 2 would have been (if I remember correctly) around $85,000, or perhaps $70,000 - $75,000 after subsidies.

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I personally wouldn’t buy a Gogoro 1. They are not great for 2 riders and don’t have much space inside, both of which are important to me. But it might work for you if you’re ok with those tradeoffs. Also, if you’re buying second hand, the Gogoro 1’s out there tend to be older, whereas the 2 and 3 were released in more recent years, so the secondhand ones are all closer to new for those models.