Gogoro electric scooter

I still refuse to this date to have those things on my G2. However, I do spend a little bit more time looking for a roomy parking spot so I’m not edged between two scoots with 1mm to spare on each side.

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Because locals don’t give a f**k scratching other scooters, moving them around to get a narrow ‘parking’ spot

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The Viva Mix seems like a good product given the price point. Comparable to the G2 but a little smaller and lighter all-around and with a slightly weaker motor. Having 2 batteries is a huge upgrade over the original Viva; the original Viva was never really an option for me due to its poor range and power output.

Here is a side-by-side specs comparison of the Viva Mix and the 2 Plus.


Another thing I’m excited about is that apparently the belt drive system on the higher-end Viva Mix is quieter. The reduction in noise pollution is already one of the huge advantages of the Gogoro over a gas scooter, and I’m glad that they’re doubling down on it.


Agree. The whine of the previous models can be annoying after riding for a while.

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My Kymco has a couple of small scratches from once getting laid out on the street at a low speed, but it has zero scratches from scooters parking too close to me–or from me parking too close to other scooters. I’d say Kymco has better plastic than Gogoro, hands down.

I have a full face helmet and I wonder if it would fit under the seat of the Viva. I looked at the comparison and the G2 specifically mentions a full face helmet will fit, but the Viva doesn’t say :thinking:

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