Gogoro electric scooter

I’m not sure about the financing (with interest) offered by Gogoro through Far Trust Consumer Finance, but there are many 0% interest financing options through various banks if you have their credit card. Then it becomes less of a question of financing and more of whether or not you can get a credit card, which is slightly easier. The limitation there is your credit limit, but I was able to first pay a chunk of it then finance the rest of it through a Taishin card I have for 12mos no interest.

A list of these options is available here but they change sometimes.


Our Gogoro is almost here! We didn’t add any of the super-expensive 1st party accessories because we wanted to get cheaper 3rd-party ones. Anyone have any accessory recommendations? I think we’ll get one of those non-slip mats, a Y-bar for carrying bags, and a phone-holder. Accessory types and/or brands all welcome!


Initially, I got the fog lights and eventually upgraded the handlebars, all Gogoro branded. Since I was the first batch of G2 to hit the road, not many shops were doing custom yet, so I did not have much choice. I didn’t mind as I know buying from GGR would mean I wouldn’t have much issues with warranty.

I considered this when I first got mine, but hesitated and wanted to see how I would fair with the one hook. Turns out I was fine, just have to angle your bags to fit more. Tbh, you could hang a bunch of bags on the Y bar, but you could have almost no leg room left on the platform!

Pro tip, bring a rag with you on the seat compartment. If it’s raining and you need to go to the battery station, make sure you wipe off the battery before putting it in the scooter. A loooooot of people reported damanged battery docks in their scoots due to rain damage.

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Interesting, I don’t think the fog lights are an option on the 3? At least not that I’ve seen.

After reading this, I’ll wait on the Y-bar thing too and see how the hook does. Speaking of rain, do you have a non-slip mat on yours?

Betel nut spit cup? Can double as cup holder.

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Nope. I usually have issues with the road surface being slippery, not the platform.

Fair enough. More and more thinking I should actually just get the thing first and then see what accessories I feel like it might need!