Going Home for Chinese New Year. Possible or Not?

This COVID-19 pandemic has been dragging on for about 7 months now, and I am
beginning to get fed up. The borders are still closed, and if I leave Taiwan as an
ARC resident, I am darn well sure that I will never be able to get back in, as long
as the border is closed.
I am hoping that the world will be cleaned up of the COVID-19 pandemic by
Christmas or shortly after Christmas. But by the looks of things, I don’t think
there will be a possibility for me to make it back to Canada for the Chinese
New Year holidays. I will get more time off for Chinese New Year in 2021
than I did when I was at my previous school this year. But I strongly doubt that there is a possibility for the borders to re-open and the quarantines to be lifted. Even if I can return to Taiwan as an ARC resident, I will not have the time to do quarantine during the Chinese New Year holidays.
Taiwan is not that cold in the dead of winter, but I hate to be here during
Chinese New Year when I have no family in Taiwan. What business do I have
sticking around here in Taiwan for Chinese New Year? I don’t get Christmas Day
off, and I won’t be with my family for Christmas. And it’s bad enough if I don’t
get a chance to go to Canada for Chinese New Year. I was about to go to Canada
this past summer, but I cancelled that trip because I took my job offer here in
southwestern Taiwan, and moving here meant that I could not leave.
They say that I am safer being in Taiwan with such an extremely low number of
COVID-19 cases that’s true. But if I don’t make it to Canada in for February 2021, then it will be next summer when COVID-19 will hopefully be gone.

Find a nice place in Kenting or Taitung for 2 weeks and veg.

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Many ppl in the same boat. I don’t think Summer is guaranteed to be done but if okay with quarantine why not.

Try connecting with your family online more.


Doubt the world will be cleaned up of it for Christmas, we’re just hitting the second wave and going back into lockdown apparently.

You are missing nothing but a lot of shit


Winter is looking like a very shitty buzz in most countries right now…Avoid.

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If you have an ARC, you can come back. You’ll be subject to quarantine upon return.

Not saying you should take a trip abroad, but with the ARC, you can.

Kenting sounds better.

Thanks for the clarification. If this should go on by next summer then I would leave early in July to spend time in Canada.

Agree, last week I managed to change my flight into an electronic voucher that I can use next year. It sucks not seeing the family for two years but it is what it is.

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July sounds reasonable yes.

I’ll making plans for lunar new year, 2022.

I just heard about the vaccine on the news today. They mentioned some need two shots that are a month a part. Think about that timeline.
I’m being realistic. Good luck. Hope you do get to travel in the summer


Call your MP. Tell them to get off their arse and start making some common sense policies.

One being to allow people from countries, states and territories that have the virus under control like Taiwan, half of Australia, New Zealand and more a reduced quarantine.

Just travel.
The virus will be around for a couple of years.

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surprise to see many are going to Kending. I’ll be cycling from TC to Kending this CNY, and then take train back to TC

Could be a Forumosa conference in the making.
But then again, you have to know the secret symbol (hint, something in the middle of the hand pointed up)

yeah CNY will be a shit show with people coming back from wherever. Cant see someone not being forced to do two week quarantine

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You think CNY is going to be a shit show here in Taiwan?
Just think again regarding Christmas in the Western countries.
It sucks to see that we (in the public sector) do not have Christmas
Day as a holiday in Taiwan, and we can’t even invite our families
in the West to come to Taiwan for Christmas because of the restrictions.
Think about the victims families of the 200,000 people in the USA
who died of COVID-19. And with a large number of people flying
across Europe and the Americas in crowded flights to be with their
families for Christmas!? Man that’s going to cause a hell of a spike
in COVID-19.

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I didn’t know Brian is a member! He’s just giving the secret salute to the Taiwanese guy!

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What the heck?!