Good Bye McDonald's Chocolate SUNDAeeeeE

They did it.
No more chocolate sundae. :sob:
What’s next?

Chocolate Thursdae???



hahahha corrected

for budget soft serve ice cream, I-Mei is the best (and not so unhealthy)

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You are talking about people who prefer the taro pie to the apple one.

Have you seen the salad in teh kids’ menu? It is a mass of corn and raisins…

No Bubbly Joy McFizz?!?!?

I need to find a bridge.

Are they only dropping the choc sundae? I rarely see people getting that one, usually they buy the regular soft cone or the…McFurry? Flurry? McJizz? I don’t know the name.


I have a shameful confession to make. About once a year, I get a craving for a McDolan’s Sundae.

I don’t suppose I’ll really miss it, but it’s a pity it’s gone.

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Get it when you travel to the Philippines! It will feel like being back home!

It is the glop that passes for chololate that is quite addictive.

You are better off without that garbage! Healthy living whoo!

i am pretty healthy -
training 5-6 days a week for years now— i mean hard training
eating mc donalds 5 nights a week — every single week ( it works out perfectly for me ---- will probably not work out for everyone)
i do prepare my breakfast (super healthy ) and do prepare my lunch — every single day
and i do LOVE a chocolate sundae ( maybe once a month ).
Iam sorry i dont eat local food and i have my own reasons for not doing so.
And i love this place, love my wife, love much things and of course dislike other things ( like food for example)

I just think that it is very sad to remove such iconic item from the menu

ps: i dont drink coke - dont eat crisps - rarely cookies


No, what’s sad is that anyone would feel compelled to apologise to a crapload of strangers for liking to eat something.
Fuck them, you never said you were throwing down 5 or 6 of those deals every day, and even if you were, how is it their fuckin beeswax??


It is. God only knows what they make it with, but it has a certain appeal.

not apologising -
i personally DGAF about what people may think, say or whatever.

The real good thing about the chocolate sundae, is when i ask them to put 2 or 3 time the amount of sauce…
dammmmn that’s the best sugar boost

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1st they got rid of the shakes, now sundaes…what’s next? The apple pie??? Nooooooooo!

Just like how Chilis got rid of their iconic chocolate shake years ago. Damn that shake was good! They said it was because the machine was too costly to maintain here in Taiwan.

First they came for the shakes, and I did not speak out…


That’d be the life. Well, what little you’d have of it before a massive coronary takes you out.

It’s of those things you know isn’t quality and doesn’t taste that good but does taste good at the same time.


The texture of that McDonald’s soft serve is just awful. Like some kind of frozen chemical foam. I-Mei is ten times better.