Good cheese?


Yeah you can call cheddar cheese next you’ll be saying can you call Bordeaux wine.
Dutch cheese is bland but we can still call it cheese.


I love the crumbly salty cheddars.

What I miss is good feta. It probably exists in Taipei.


There is good, even excellent cheddar, but probably not in Taiwan. Dutch cheese bland? Not true.
But yeah the better cheeses are from Belgium anyways.


I guess I’m not that sophisticated when it comes to cheese but it does have to be more than cheese food or grated with that cellulose wood pulp powder. I like the Tillamook extra sharp at costco. I always share with a friend and still much cheaper than Jason’s or Citysuper.


Has anybody been able to find some decent goat cheese here?


Carrefour has a few.

If you’re a skinflint (like me) you might want to browse the cheese aisle on a regular basis because they often do large markdowns on in-date cheese that isn’t selling well.


boerenkaas overjarig :drooling_face:


taiwan is still pretty behind with the mozzarella. hurry up with the balls already. sometimes i’ve seen it in ximen carrefor but its not often. in city super its ridiculously expensive.


Carrefour has good cheese. Lots of French and European cheeses


This is very much location based. Carrefour makes co tracts with agents/manufacturers based on store count and location. 1 new small product might only get 30cm shelf space fitting 10 packages in 10 stores. A product with history, reputation and/or back might get 1 meter near head level in 80 stores and a 1 year contract. Just as example. All box stores and supermarket/convenient stores work like this. Point being, only in busy cities here will you find much of any variety of cheese. In the countryside we get anchor shredded pizza mozzareLLA which is borderline not legally food. And things like Kraft parmesan, Napa.see radioactive circle something and the usual preserved plastic square sandwich cheese.

Carrefour, like everywhere here doesn’t carry a brand across all stores, so it’s hard to get good cheese outside the city. Luckily there are a few cheese makers inTaiwan, its catching on. But obviously expensive. For folks in Farmville its fake cheese or long distance city trips. But I find Costco the best so far in the south. I’m also a fan of Tillamook black wrapped shard cheddar. I finish a block in a week, but its a 10 hour roundtrip drive to get to costco:( so anchor and rx mart is the only option Ive found so far…

Ps. The black wrApped Tillamook…it makes your body stink after a week or 2 if you work outside or physical jobs. You’ve been warned!


The Carrefour in western areas in Taipei like Tianmu and xindian have Carrefour own brand cheese from France at cheap prices.

I love most American things and culture, but not cheese. Tilamook tastes like plastic


Lots of good cheese in Nederland, indeed the smakelijk cheese is one of the things I miss. They - or should I say wij - impact the brand by exporting some inferior quality stuff though.


Ya I agree, Europeans do cheese well. North America has resource surpluses to deal with that won’t compete with the eu in many ways. But cheese in Taiwan is generally terrible, so American cheese is to Taiwan what tgi Friday’s is to hamburgers. But its far far superior to the stuff that’s commonly available.

I had no idea Carrefour had their sticker on a cheese. What types do they do?

Ps. Carrefour, like Wal-Mart, branding their own products such as cheese and people discussing it as good quality just proves how little of something that particular area has. Maybe its good, but Carrefour brand tends not to have a reputation for awesome, more just consistency in otherwise hard to find things. Costco much the same.

That all said can’t be worse than Kraft, anchor or that red something brand. Cheese and wine is something I will blindly trust, at least at first, from France over Taiwan :slight_smile:


All sorts, but mostly soft, surface-ripened cheeses. They also have own-brand mozzarella. I’m no expert, but I’ve had some (IMHO) really good cheeses with the Carrefour label on them. I just finished one of these:

I go to the ShiLin store, and although it’s been a bit sparse lately, for some reason, they normally have an excellent selection.


Was watching some food prom channel and here comes a bowl of gorgonzola sauce tagliatelle.

Gorgonzola, haven’t had that in ages.


There is good Edammer in Taiwan.


Fixed that, jeezes, mind your typing and do spellchecking.


What? All they do is cook delicious stuff I can’t cook…Or eat. Scargots with grapefruit sauce. Mussels in wine. Shall I continue?

Ah, saw it. Friggin Huawei spellchecker.




Depends on where you live. Maybe Taipei City but here in Xindian real cheese is very hard to find…if at all.

And if you can share affordable places to acquire real good cheese, as from Europe, we’d be much obliged. Aside from Costco fare, that is.

And as to local production of «cheese like products», that is something most of us agree is definitely a no no.