Good cheese?


Cheese is overpriced in Taiwan. But, you need to calculate all the spoiled cheese that you won’t sell. One big reason.


If it can’t age, it’s not “real” cheese


In English, the word “cheese” is used to refer a great many things that have little to do with each other. An interesting language exchange or teaching topic, so long as you know when to stop.

It’s not a good idea to eat aged cottage cheese.


All cheeses start out as ‘cottage’ cheese somehow.


What road they take from there makes all the difference.

Just like everything that can be traced back to the Big Bang.


Starting out can a be a little different, using a ferment or not. But it’s all about curdling the milk, doing with an acid, any food safe acid basically.


Cottage cheese is to parmesan as a dead cow is to a hamburger.


Sounds about right as a hamburger is not the ultimate meat.


And parmesan is a slightly overrated cheese.


And pricey!


A good Pecorino does the job for half the price.


Or an asiago. Saw some at RT-mart recently.


especially from the pastime known as cottaging.


Oh great. Just great. Thanks for that mental image. I’ll never eat cottage cheese again.


Not much of a loss, to be honest. And “cottage cheese legs” ruined cottage cheese for me long ago anyway.


I had to google that, and I wish I hadn’t.


Sorry for the double whammy, ha. A picture is worth a thousand curds… :grin:



I just checked some of the prices at Costco and I think that they are hard to beat. Coastal Cheddar Cheese NT$439/kg - it is aged enough so it is crumbly. The goat cheese (when they have it) is only NT$247 for almost 600g. Apetina feta is seasoned (they don’t have plain) and costs around NT$350 for five 100g packages. The parmigiano is not bad for the price (NT$869/kg).
Are there better deals at other stores?