Good chiropractor that can see me today?

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back and it’s killing me. And Chiropracter that knows how to deal with this right away and decompress my spine. I work at a gym and I have a baseball game this weekend. Need this resolved soon. I’m in taipei. NHI is preferred but not necessarily as long as they are good.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but have you considered seeing @joey0825 ?

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I’m not really a believer in Chinese medicine. lol

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Have you tried lumbar flexion stretches? They may do the trick in decompressing your spine. It really depends on what the problem is though. If you’ve got a herniated disc, you really should see a doctor.

The thing about doctors here is, there are good ones and there’s one that just guess, which they are usually right because people come in for the dumbest stuff and they’ve seen it over and over so they don’t spend that much time to examine it. Especially with old people. they just rush you in and out.

Most doctors just say rest and don’t ever fix or get to the root of the issue. They ice or heat it and maybe give you a massage. But as an athlete, i need someone who can work with me. Not rush me out, but at least take the time to get it right and work with me.

I know @the_bear has someone he goes to and has mentioned it before.

He may have even mentioned it in a thread you previously opened up.

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Try the stretches first if you haven’t. They definitely helped me with a pinched nerve, although yours sounds more serious than mine.

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hows this guy?

Despite having to pay 600NT, he was pretty good. He wanted you to NOT have to come back soon, so that’s a good sign that he isn’t seeing you just for the money.

It wasn’t an instant cure, but he did tell me that my two legs were imbalanced, which led to my injury. He did put me on a few machines that twisted and pulled me to “straighten” me up and also taught me how to fix the issue on my own.

Worth a try, but like I said, not an instant cure. My parents went multiple times and said that an appointment is a must!

P.S. going to have to work up your mandarin skills bc the guy doesn’t speak English!

I used to have a guy but don’t have his deets anymore.

There’s an Australian trained chap I’ve seen advertised:

Johnson Huang No. 234 Roosevelt Road Section 6, 3F, Wénshān District, Taipei地址:台北市文山區羅斯福路六段234號3FPhone:(02) 2935-2472

No idea if he’s any good. Mark Griffin used to advertise here a lot but I don’t rate him since he uses scare tactics to try to tie you into therapeutic regimes that run for months.

My physio could probably help with some simple spinal manipulations.

I go to Dr. Edward Chen. He’s has really helped me over the years. He trained in California, speaks perfect English. It is not the most comfortable experience but the relief afterwards is great as he really understands physical therapy. If he can’t help you, he’ll tell you that too. His fee is $1000 and has been that for many years. Worth every penny. 臺北市南京東路二段165號 Appointments: 25062955 His receptionist doesn’t speak a lot of English but sufficient.


I did the stretches and focused on the hip. The pains better but not all the way gone. Hopefully it will get better by tomorrow. i’ll see if a hot bath will do the trick when I get home.

Glad to hear they helped. A couple more sessions may do the trick.

I think the mixture of bad posture sometimes, and sitting in small chairs in taiwan . It’s really hard to sit up straight when i’m either so much taller than the table or the seat is too small or low. Surprisingly, working out never causes me problems, only when i have to sit and stuff

Yeah, it’s the sitting that causes the compression, especially if your posture isn’t good, which is easy with Taiwan’s crappy office furniture, and your size just compounds the problem.

Just going to throw this out there, the science behind chiropractors is…undecided at best. If you’re a science/evidence based kinda guy you might be better off seeing a qualified and certified physio.

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Oddly enough, after doing some light exercise my back has no pain…sitting equals pain but working out is ok…

Don’t get me started about those chairs! They also break so easily. Designed for skinny gnomes.

I bought one of those foldable camping chairs at Costco and am taking it wherever I go. They’re like 2000NT and super-lightweight. Get one of those and your back pain will be gone!

I got a new job which makes me sit at a desk a lot more and also having some back pain recently, however when working out I always feel great, but the next day sitting at my desk for a few hours gives me back ache.

Key workout whilst deskbound? Lean down so your heads in your crotch (easy Nigel), grip the legs of your chair and pull on them so you can feel the muscles in your lower back tighten. Hold that for 5 seconds and do a few repeats. Do it every hour. Sitting for long periods crushes the lumbar disc. Also don’t be afraid to slouch in your chair from time to time. Sitting upright actually increases the pressure on the lower discs.