Good coffee cafes in the South

Nearby PINN, different style but good二木咖啡+FUTAGI+COFFEE+ROASTER/@22.6428238,120.3126871,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipOy5T79haymoiCJcXgRWP_q1BYs86wlWr-Hba6X!2e10!3e12!!7i4032!8i2268!4m5!3m4!1s0x346e05c27eae05e3:0x17eff24ea480e847!8m2!3d22.642829!4d120.3125788

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This is a new place I found today. Near Aozihdi park. The owner speaks fluent English and trained at a cafe in Italy.


Buii and Artisan are two of my favourites. Ive been buying Buii beans and coffee for quite a while.




What’s name of the cafe, it looks great !

Pane e Caffe. It’s on the sign. Yes, quite good! Friendly owner too.

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Pastry looks nice, which one did you try

Peach croissant

Sounds great ! (I wish for Apricot though)

Thank You!

100% full, no seats so had an espresso before an afternoon meeting on the outside counter. Fast 5-10 minutes at this cafe, good experience they did seem surprised by my order of espresso which was good (second best one in KHH for me so far). Thanks for the posting ! (Also space to park your car/scooter in front, head in for car)

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Which cafe has it? I want to try and see if they fill it

The cafe in the video in the original post of this thread :slight_smile:.

That video is so awesome that I opened it externally (in youtube, not just embedded) so I could like it. :grin:

More from where that came from:



Thank you ! I did not see the the cup the first time watching it. So many good cafes now in Taiwan, more so than my home country which has an older coffee culture.

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I kind of think Taiwan now has a huge “Coffee Shop Culture”, not necessarily a “Coffee Culture”.

They, me, go hang out in coffee shops for many other things besides coffee. Coffee is like an accessory to the other reason’s for going to a coffee shop.

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Yes, for some a social meeting place like pub.